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Alive With Worms

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Rare 13-track limited edition pink marbled vinyl from danish post punk/ goth rock band featuring original members from 1983 line up: Janine Neble & Lars Bjerre (ex. Cinima Noir, Corps d'Esprit, NRG) - lineup alson includes Thomas Ortved Larsen (Sods/Sort Sol), Henrik Liebgott (ex Before) & Tom Martens (ex- Cyklon Anti-cyklon). Nebles voice varies between a moderate Diamanda Galas and Elisabeth Frasier/Cocteau Twins.

Both vinyl and picture cover are in perfect condition.


Side 1:
1. You're so beautiful
2. I know nobody
3. I'm dead
4. Too young to question
5. Balcony
6. The body's reaction
7. Coldsong

Side 2:
8. Ave Maria
9. Pigs' 10 commands
11. To the gods
12. Tear
13. A sign of weakness
14. You - yourself
Artist Alive With Worms
Media LP
Land Denmark
Label Freedom Records
Udgivelsesår 1995
Grading M-/M-
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Alternative Rock
Sub Genre 2 Gothic Rock
Condition Used