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Apparently All The Same - Single Pocket Picture Cover

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Rare original 6-track Gry Records original LP - great synth based postpunk variations with a definite eksperimental angle with both classical and industrial influences - single pocket picture cover.


Side 1:
1 Imagine Focus 5:12
2 Meanwhile 6:45
3 Form 6:17

Side 2:
1 Theme Remains Theme 5:50
2 Less 5:00
3 In The Prism Of Evil 7:25

Line up:
Martin Hall - Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Violin, Tape, Horns, Composed By, Production
Michael Karshoej - drums
Per Hendrichsen - guitar
Berit Spaelling - harp
Lena Walsh - choir & live sound
Artist Under For
Media LP
Katalog nummer Gry LP 2
Land Denmark
Label GRY Records
Udgivelsesår 1984
Grading M- (Vinyl and Labels)/M- (Cover)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Post Punk
Sub Genre 2 Experimental Rock
Condition Used