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... and it was all for you - 2021 Danish ExoPAC Recordings Label 10-track LP

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'... and it was all for you' is an album about love and anticipation. Though, I did not know this when I began creating the music. I was merely trying to transform an abundance of mixed feelings into something tangible. Like a sort of creative, therapeutic process - for me and about me.

It resulted in ten different pieces of ambient music. Listening to it as a whole and reflecting on the creative process made me realize that the pieces belong together on this album. More importantly, I recognized that the process never really was about me. It was about you - my son, Otto.

The early stages of this album began when you, according to a pregnancy app, were the size of a "big strawberry", and I finished it just days before you were born. Waiting for you, going through emotions of nerve-wracking anticipation and immense love for someone I had not yet met, inspired me to make this music.

Otto, I went through a ton of thoughts and feelings making this album - the journey was wonderful, and it was all for you


1.  Selene Umbra
2.  Gleam
3.  I Played A Simple Melody
4.  I Played A Simple Melody, and it was all for you
5.  Tara
6.  Syzgy
7.  Big Strawberry
8.  Broke Spaces, Then Paused
9.  Gasping For Water, Drowning in air, Dreaming I Was Awake
10.False Sunset

Artist Infralyd
Media LP
Katalog nummer NordicLP256
Land Denmark
Label ExoPAC Recordings
Udgivelsesår 2022
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Electronic
Sub Genre 1 Neo Classical
Condition New