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Au Suisse - 2022 European City Slang Label Coloured Vinyl 9-track LP

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White Vinyl

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Born from the collective mind of producer Morgan Geist (Storm Queen, Metro Area) and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Kelley Polar, Au Suisse is a new project that promises to stake a milestone in both its members' already storied careers. Crafting immersive soundscapes using a patchwork of electro, synthpop, funk and disco, Au Sussie's self-titled debut album evokes both a post-rave comedown on a tropical beach and a weekend alone icy chalet, ruminating on life and love. Guest players include friends and labelmates Dan Snaith (Caribou) and Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys).

Having met in college in the early '90s and continued to forge a close friendship throughout the years, Au Sussie is the first time Geist and Polar have set out to gel their creative relationship into its own musical project. But this is no bashed-together collection of random tunes — this is a band, through and through, and Geist and Polar's shared expertise give the album its own indelible identity.


1. Control
2. Thing
3. GC
4. Pain & Regret
5. Savage
6. Vesna
7. Eely
8. Plans
9. AG

Artist Au Suisse
Media LP
Katalog nummer SLANG50405X
Land USA & Europe
Label City Slang
Udgivelsesår 2022
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Electronic
Sub Genre 1 Indie Pop
Condition New