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Age of the Solipsist - 2021 Danish Over The Under label Red 7-track LP

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Mother Of All’s first full-length album’Age Of The Solipsist’ is a collaborative effort bringing together some of the worlds great metal musicians and artists. With a diverse collection of songs the album tackles existential themes in our current age. The style a mixture of melodic and progressive death metal and is the brainchild of drummer and vocalist Martin Haumann (ex live-drummer for Myrkur and Afsky).

Featuring blinding bass-work by Steve Di Giorgio (Ex-DeathTestamentSadus) and extremely well played guitar-riffs by the rising Danish talent Frederik Jensen. Haumann plays with a unique drumming-style and an organic sound, with a sharp, precise vocal style.

Martin Haumann, an in-demand and highly-prolific musician has most recently played the drums on Afsky’s highly-acclaimed opus ”Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død...”, hailed by many as 2020’s black metal album of the year.

Artwork for "Age Of The Solipsist" has been created by American graphic artist, Travis Smith, whose impressive work has graced the covers of bands like OpethNevermoreAvenged Sevenfold and King Diamond.

"Age Of The Solipsist" is mixed by Hannes Grossmann (ex-Necrophagist, ex-ObscuraAlkaloid) at Mordor Sounds.



Side 1.
1. Autum   
2. We Don't Agree   
3. Curators of Our World Scope   
4. Age of the Solipsist   

Side 2.
1. At the Edge of a Dream   
2. Blood Still Owed   
3. Feel The Pain   


Artist Mother Of All
Media LP
Katalog nummer OTUMOA01
Land Denmark
Label Over The Under Records
Udgivelsesår 2021
Grading New
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Death Metal
Sub Genre 2 Progressive Metal
Condition New