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Vores Mand I Amerika (Original Score - Jonas Struck) - 2020 Danish Sound By Struck label 22-track LP

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2020 privately released and distributed 22-track original score by Jonas Struck for the Christina Rosendahl directed feature movie "Vores Mand I Amerika"... recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra directed by Peter Pejtsik.


Limited numbered press of only 100 copies worldwide - numbered on upper right back.

Pressed by the Danish Nordsøe pressing plant - picture cover.


Condition: M (Vinyl and Labels)/M (Cover):

Perfect in every way - still in its original resealable sleeve - which has not been oened. New and unused.






Side 1:


1. Pearl Harbour

2. Dark Reflections

3. Radio Speech

4. Invasion of Denmark

5. Zilla

6. Demon Walk

7. The War In Europe (Jonas Struck & Christoffer Møller)

8. Zilla Full Theme

9. Second Speech

10. Tell Us About China


Side 2:


1. Conversation With Berle

2. Let's Go Out

3. You're The King

4. Val Kill

5. Chalk And Treason

6. The Letter

7. Airport Showdown

8. The United Nations

9. Charlotte Breakdown

10. The Liberation (Jonas Struck & Christoffer Møller)

11. Charlotte

12. Second Speech String Version


Written and composed by Jonas Struck unless noted 






Orchestra - Budapest Art Orchestra

Peter Pejtsik - directing

Jonas Struck, Simon Mohr, Karen Krogshøj, Kasper Tranberg, Christoffer Møller, Nikolaj Trop-Larsen, Asger Baden, Anders Christensen, Peter Leth.

Peter Albrechtsen - Sound Designer

Technical Credits:

Jonas Struck - Composer, Mix, Production, Arrangements

Christoffer Møller - Arrangements

Teis Frandsen - Mastering

Símun Mohr - Mix

Teis Frandsen - Mix, Mastering



Empire Design - Poster Artwork

neue.pink - Layout

Artist Soundtrack
Media LP
Katalog nummer JS202101LP
Land Denmark
Label Sound By Struck
Udgivelsesår 2020
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Stage & Screen
Sub Genre 1 Soundtrack
Sub Genre 2 Original score
Condition New