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1st Floor - Original 1967 Danish Philips label 12-track vinyl LP

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Scarce original 1967 Danish Philips label 12-track vinyl LP from Copenhagen based 1960ies psychedelic pop combo featuring members of the The Hitmakers.

Vinyl is printed in Sweden for distribution in Denmark - hence the "710 matrix"- vinyl has the generic blue and silver company 'grid' labels with top small shield logo above large and fat, caopital lettering company name - pinched spine picture cover.

Condition: G+ (vinyl and labels)/VG+ (Cover):
Vinyl has numerous light and inaudible surface marks paired with some amount of sleeve inflicted wear.

Labels have a light degree of spindlewear... hard to determine the amount, but a probably a few handfuls - this is obviously an album which has been played - and directly from the paper inner sleeve, which is the reason for the numerous sleeve lines and scuffs.

Vinyl plays great though - a touch of crackling in the soundless or quieter parts - otherwise just fine sounding with great dynamics.

Cover is neat - has a little back wear... slighly so to top and bottom back along vinyl outline - otherwise just light wrinking from edges - there is a small - ca. 1 cm x 3 - 4 mm at mid-top bacl.
Seams are solid and only the points of origin of the wrinkling are slightly worn - corners are extremely nice - only very slightly rubbed... this is simply a very nice cover - graded close to near perfect - bearing in mind this covers very high potential for wear this is actually one of the nicest covers we have seen.


1 Damned Little Fool 2:28
2 Trusting Mr. Jones (John Inglis, Johnny Reimar) 2:47
3 Nevertheless 2:29
4 Hey, Mr. Flowerman (John Inglis, Johnny Reimar) 2:43
4 In Every Hand (Bent Birkholm) 2:47
5 Turn It On (Bent Birkholm) 3:40

Side 2:
1 Mrs. O'Grady (Björn Ulvaeus) 2:16
2 Moonbeam 2:48
3 A Rainbow Around Us (Bjarne de la Motte, John Inglis) 2:55
4 Little Mr. So And So 2:18
5 I Think I Can Change You (John Inglis) 2:40
6 Hush 2:45

All songs written by Kurt Ard unless otherwise noted

Mogens Petersen - Guitar, Arrangements
Sten Bergstrøm - Piano, Organ
Bjarne de la Motte - Bass
Torben Sardorf - Drums
Jørgen Krabbenhøft - Lead Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Bertrand Bech - Conductor, Arrangements

Technical Credits:
Johnny Reimar - Production
Birger Svan - Technician
Birger Ulstad - Assistant Technician

Per Dalsgård - Photography
Jesper Kilde - Design
Knut Ørsted - Liner Notes

Artist The Floor
Media LP
Catalogue no XPY 855 701
Country Denmark
Label Philips
Year 1967
Grading G+ (vinyl and labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Genre Rock & Pop
Sub Genre 1 1960ies Rock & Pop
Sub Genre 2 Psychedelic Pop
Condition Used