Ars Nova - Original 1968 US Elektra label 10-track LP - Gold label, Allentown Pressing - All Products - Sound Station

Ars Nova - Original 1968 US Elektra label 10-track LP - Gold label, Allentown Pressing

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Original 1968 US Elektra label 10-track LP - New York based psychedelic/progressive rock bands eclectic debut album - classical, folk and harder rocking nuances - featuring the 1968 singles "Pavane For My Lady" and "Fields of People"

Vinyl is manufactured with the generic golden/bronze companys label with the large upper large outline 'E' logo design - just above midsize lower case company name - likewise white fonts.

Vinyl is housed in generic company inner sleeve, and ultimately in a Shorewood Packaging printed unipak gatefold cover.

For those into trail off information: Vinyl has hand etched matrix info:
Side 1): EKS-74020-A AL
Side 2): EKS-74020-B AL
suggesting this to be manufactured by the Pennsylvania based Allentown Record Co. Inc

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG (Cover):


Side 1:
1. Pavane For My Lady 2:45
2. General Clover Ends A War (Gregory Copeland - Wyatt Day) 2:12
2a. Entracte: Le Messe Notre Dame (Guillaume De Machaut) 0:30
3. And How Am I To Know 4:45
3a. Entracte: Dancer (Maury Baker) 0:25
4. Album In Your Mind (Wyatt Day, Jon Pierson - Wyatt Day) 3:01
5. Zarathustra (Maury Baker, Richard Strauss) 3:30

Side 2:
1. Fields Of People (Wyatt Day, Jon Pierson - Wyatt Day) 2:52
1a. Entracte: Vita De L'Alma Mia (Claudio Monteverdi) 0:45
2. Automatic Love 4:06
2a. Entracte: A Thought 0:47
3. I Wrapped Her In Ribbons (After Ibiza) (Gregory Copeland - Wyatt Day) 2:18
3a. Entracte: Ada Wulff November 12, 1956 0:18
4. Song To The City (Gregory Copeland - Wyatt Copeland) 2:08
4a. Entracte: Aquel Cabellero (Anonymous) 0:55
5. March Of The Mad Duke's Circus (Gregory Copeland - Wyatt Copeland) 3:17

All songs written and composed by Wyatt Day unless noted

Pressed by Allentown Record Co. Inc., Walnut St., Allentown, PA 18102
Cover manuactured by Shorewoos Packaging, New York, New York 10172

Wyatt Day - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Organ
Giovanni Papalia - Lead Guitar
Jonathan Raskin - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Bill Folwell - Vocals, Trumpet, Double Bass (String Bass)
Jon Pierson - Lead Vocals, Bass Trombone
Maury Baker - Percussion, Organ

Technical Credits:
Paul A. Rothchild - Production
John Haeny - Recording Engineer
Jac Holzman - Recording Supervisor (Production Supervisor)

William S. Harvey - Cover Concept, Art Direction
Gene Szafran - Design (Basrelief, Life Masks)
Joel Brodsky - Photography

Various Credits:
Arthur H. Gorson - Management
Artist Ars Nova
Media LP
Katalog nummer EKS-74020
Land USA
Label Elektra Records
Udgivelsesår 1968
Grading VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG (Cover)
Genre Rock & Pop
Sub Genre 1 Psychedelic Rock
Sub Genre 2 Progressive Rock
Condition Used