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Alt - 2006 Danish Glorious label 30-track 2CD Set

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Long ou 2006 Danish Glorious label 30-track 2CD compiling the almost entire works of great 1980ies Danish alt-pop/post punk pop combo featuring members of Escape Artists and End Of Your Garden - Benny Woitowitz and Jan Laursen.

The 'Alt' album comprises both their 1984 Replik Muzick and 1986 Sonet label albums 'Hej Verden' and 'Blodrus' and adds but also a total of 14 bonus tracks including the original version of 'På Vildspor' with vocals by Poul Borum.

Discs are mounted on clear trays in a 3-panel digipak picture cover along with illustrated 16-page lyric and credits booklet.

Condition: 2xVG++ (Discs)/M (Booklet)/VG++ (Digipak):
Discs are extremely close to mint - booklet plain mint, digipak cover is likewise very close to mint - hardly any signs of handling or storage.


CD1: Hej Verden:
1 Hallo Hallo (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)
2 Sommersang (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
3 Vi Redder Verden I Den Næste Sang (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
4 Hej Verden (Jan Laursen, Peter H. Olesen - Tristan T)
5 Galoperende Nerver (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)
6 Cowboysang (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)
7 Konkurs (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
8 Drengen & Trillebøren (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)

9 Udsalgsengle (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
10 Isolde (Benny Woitowitz)
11 Halla Hallo (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)
12 Isolde Danser (Bo Laursen - Tristan T)
13 Ansigt (Ho Laursen, Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
14 Lad Regnen Komme (Ho Laursen, Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
15 Hun Køder Sig (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
16 Hun Køder Sig (akustisk) (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
17 I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) (Iggy Pop, Alexander, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton)

CD2: Blodrus:
1 Postkort (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
2 Hun Køder Sig (Jan Laursen - Tristan T)
3 På Vildspor (original) (Poul Borum - Lou Reed)
4 Strandvaskeren (Jan Lauersen - Jan Lauersen)
5 Aldrig Mere (Bo Laursen, Jan Laursen - Bo Laursen)
6 Døden Er Mit Vækkeur (Bo Laursen, Jan Laursen - Bo Laursen)
7 Legionær (Jan Laursen - Benny Woitowitz, Jan Laursen, Jens Bønding)
8 Blodrus (Tristan T)

9 På Vildspor (Finn Verwohlt-remix) (Poul Borum - Lou Reed)
10 Jeg Letter På Min Hat (Bo Hauge Laursen - Jan Laursen)
11 Barbie (Bo Hauge Laursen - Jan Laursen)
12 Englemund (Bo Hauge Laursen - Jan Laursen)
13 En Klæbrig Stank Af Sved ((Bo Hauge Laursen, Per Juul Carlsen - Jan Laursen)

'Hej Verden' is produced & mixed June & July, 1984, at Arp Studio, Århus

Disc 1 Bonus tracks recording info:
'Udsalgsengle' and 'Isolde' are from the Somewhere Outside Compilation, recorded at Karma Studios. Copenhagen, autumn 1982.
'Halla Hallo', 'Isolde Danser' and 'Ansigt' are from the Complications Compilation, recorded at Arp Studio, Århus, Oktober 2003.
'Lad Regnen Komme', 'Hun Køder Sig', 'Hun Køder Sig (akustisk)' recorded at Humdrum Studio, Copenhagen, September - october, 1985.
'I Wanna Be Your Dog (live)' recorded live at NicodemusHerning, marts 1986.

'Blodrus' is Recorded at Humdrum Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, and produced/remixed at Studio 39, Dortheavej 39 in Copenhagen

Disc 2: Bonustracks recording info:
'På Vildspor (Finn Verwohlt-remix)' remixed at Studie 39, Copenhagen.
'Jeg Letter På Min Hat' & 'Barbie' recorded at FX Studio, Køge, April 1990.
'Englemund' recorded and mixed at Sweet Silence, Copenhagen
'En Klæbrig Stank Af Sved- recorded live december 21, 1989 at Barbue, Copenhagen.


Tristan T:
Benny Woitowitz - CD2: Bass (1-9), Rhytm Programming 1-9), Percussion (2)
Bo Hauge Laursen - CD 2: Guitar (1-9), Programming (12), Bass (10, 11, 13), Choir
Jan Laursen - CD2: Vocals, Acetone Organ, Synth (8), Gluckenspiel (4 - 6), Piano (3, 9)

Additional Musiaicns:

Hej Verden:
Jens Bønding - Strings (2, 4, 5)
Mogens Jacobsen - Synthesizer (5, 8, 15)
Søren Laugesen - Bass (12)

Mogens Jacobsen - Synth and Samples (2,7,8,10, 11, 13), Percussion (11)
Vagn Olsson - Saxophone (Postkort, Aldrig Mere), Transverse Flute, Recorder (Aldrig Mere)
Jens Bønding - Strings (Hun Køder Sig)
Mogens Jacobsen - Synthesizer (Hun Køder Sig, Blodrus)
Gerda Hempel - Backing Vocals (På Vildspor)
Poul Borum - Recitation (På Vildspor)
Peter H. Olesen - Backing Vocals (Aldrig Mere)
Lasse Laursen - Piano (Blodrus)

Blodrus Bonus Tracks:
Søren Mørk - Drums (10, 11, 13)
Jens Rasmussen - Guitar (10, 11, 13)
Per Juul Carlsen - Programming (12)
Dorthe Borregaard - Choir (12)

Technical Credits: Hej Verden:
Mogens Jacobsen, Tristan T - Production & mix

Technical Credits: Hej Verden Bonus Tracks:
Tømrerclaus - Mix (9, 10)
Kenan Seeberg, Tristan T, Søren Kirkegaard - Production (9,10)
Hans Møller - Engineer (14 - 16)
Ulrich Lauridsen - Tape recording of 17

Technical Credits: Blodrus:
Tristan T - Production (Except På Vildspor)
Hans Møller - Engineer, Mix
Tristan T - Mix

Additional Technical Credits: Blodspor:
Jørgen Bo - Engineer (På Vildspor, 'På Vildspor (Finn Verwohlt-remix))
Mogens Jacobsen - Assisting Engineer (Legionær)
Jens Bønding - Strings (Legionær)
Finn Verwohlt - Production, Remix , String Arrangements (På Vildspor)
Kim G. Hansen - Engineer (Jeg Letter På Min Hat, Barbie)
Flemming Rasmussen - Engineer (Englemund)
Benny Woitowitch - Taper Recording of 'En Klæbrig Stank Af Sved'

Bo Hauge Laursen - Artwork
Tom Jørgensen, Tristan T - Photography
Sara Itjin - Design

Artist Tristan T
Media 2CD
Katalog nummer GRTT12
Land Denmark
Label Glorious Records/A:larm Music
Udgivelsesår 2006
Grading 2xVG++ (Discs)/M (Booklet)/VG++ (Digipak)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Post Punk
Sub Genre 2 New Wave
Condition Used