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Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2 - Original 1969 Swedish Cupol label 12-track LP - Blue Labels

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Rare original 1969 Swedish Cupol label 12-track vinyl LP - Swedish singers vocal pop and brass-schlager influenced 2nd album... issued a couple of years before the days of Abba.

Vinyl has the dark blue and silver printed company labels with large fonted top-label company name-logo. Vinyl is held in a generic era specific company inner sleeve - ultimately in a fully laminated picture cover.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)VG++ (Cover):

Vinyl is bright and shiny - has been used directly from the paper inner sleeve and has subsequently a touch og superficial sleeve scuffing - by far nothing inflicted by a needle - labels has no spindletraces, no wear to centrehole itself or other signs of play or handling - perfect.

Cover has the very faintest wear to front laminate only - a very slight wrinkle from lower seam. Front and back are otherwise mint with superb laminate and deep, unfaded and clear colours underneath the glossines.
Seams are intact without shelling, splits or pressure points - spine unpressurized... a couple of 1 cm's thin areas of laminate lift along spine though. Opening has barely any rubbing, corners are pointy and without rubbing except lower opening corner which has a minor dent.

Cover is overall graded near mint - this is simply a superb copy.


Side 1:
1 Fram För Svenska Sommaren (Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist (Swedish Lyrics), Jack E. Lit, Lou Herscher, Ruth Grahm) 2:26
2 Lek Med Dina Dockor (Agnetha Fältskog (Swedish Lyrics), Dieter Zimmermann) 2:15
3 Ge Dej Till Täls (Bo-Göran Edling (Swedish Lyrics), Alan Hawshaw, Ray Cameron) 2:18
4 Skål Kära Vän (Agnetha Fältskog, Dieter Zimmermann) 2:04
5 Glöm Honom (Agnetha Fältskog, Dieter Zimmermann) 2:12
6 En Gång Fanns Bara Vi Två (Karl-Gerhard Lundkvist) 2:38

Side 2:
1 Hjärtats Kronprins(Stig Anderson (Swedish Lyrics), Alfred Weyrich, Henry Mayer) 2:35
2 Det Handlar Om Kärlek (Bengt Haslum (Swedish Lyrics), Hans-Bernd Blum) 2:26
3 Som En Vind Komm Du Till Mej (Agnetha Fältskog (Swedish Lyrics), Dieter Zimmermann) 3:24
4 Señor Gonzales (Bengt Sundström (Swedish Lyrics), Dieter Zimmermann) 2:28
5Zigenarvän (Agnetha Fältskog, Bengt Haslum) 2:54
6 Tag Min Hand Låt Oss Bli Vänner (Agnetha Fältskog) 2:14

Recorded 1969 at Metronome Studios, Stockholm

Technical Credits:
Karl Gerhard Lundkvist - Production
R. Persson & Michael B. Tretow - Engineer

L. J. Roundquist - Cover Design
T. Wiklund, J. Winblad, A. Roundquist - Photography
Artist Agnetha Faltskog
Media LP
Katalog nummer CLP 80
Land Sweden
Label Cupol
Udgivelsesår 1969
Grading VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover)
Genre Pop & Rock
Sub Genre 1 Female Pop
Sub Genre 2 Schlager
Condition Used