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Alrune Rod - start-1970ies Danish Sonet label 2nd Pressing 5-track LP

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Rare start 1970ies Danish Sonet label 2nd Pressing 5-track LP issue of guitar & organ fuelled progressive Danish rock combos debut album - originally released in 1969.

Vinyl has the generic orange and burgundy company labels with centered trumpet logo and top large and fat fonted company name in white.

Vinyl is housed in an inner opening fold out gatefold picture cover with lyrics and photographs in inner spread.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover) :

Vinyl is beautifully shiny and has no imediate signs of play or handling. A very few light sleeve induced marks is detected at closer inspection under a strong light source.

Labels are mint and vinyl is overall easily graded near mint.

Cover has almost no back Wear along vinyl outline, front three smaller creases in the top right region - all othr signs of handling or storage are found along edges:
a stripe of sundisolouration along front spine, a minor lower seam dent and otherwise only faint seam and almost no croners rubbing placed...very, very nice - especially when considering the extreme potential for wear that comes with the thin Card fabrique used for this cover. Cover is overall graded at least VG+.


Side 1:
1 Alrune Rod (Bengtsson, Roden) 10:00
2 Natskyggevej (Bengtsson, Roden) 9:55
3 Hvor Skal Jeg Se Solen Stå Op (Giese,Roden) 3:12

Side 2:
1. Bjergsangen (11:57)
a Fase 1: Kom Og Tag Min Hånd (Giese, Bengtsson, Roden)
b Fase 2: Du Er Så Sød (Roden)
c Fase 3: Når Yderst Er Inderst (Giese, Roden)

2 Rejsen Hjem (Ziegler, Bengtsson, Roden) 13:23

Recorded at Ivar Rosenberg Lydteknik.


Alrunes Rod:
Leif Roden - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Tabla
Flemming Giese Rasmussen - Vocals, Guitar, Triangle
Claus From - Drums, Tabla
Pastor Ziegler - Organ, Piano

Technical Credits:
Alrunes Rod, Franz Beckerlee - Production

Poul Bruun - Layout, Photography
Mozart - Cover Artwork
Artist Alrune Rod
Media LP
Katalog nummer SLPS 1516
Land Denmark
Label Sonet
Udgivelsesår 197?
Grading VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Progressive Rock
Sub Genre 2 Psychedelia
Condition Used