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...The Magic Spell Of Mother's Wrath... - Original 1972 French 10-track LP

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Rare original 1972 French CBS label 10-track vinyl LP - the second album by James Cuomos Paris based folk-rock- combo.

Vinyl has the generic orange and black printed company labels with centered 'camera eye' logo labels - fully laminated single pocket picture cover.

Condition: VG(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover):
Vinyl is still superlustrous and has a few light and not so light lines - combined with fine and ultralight sleeve wear.
Labels has less than a handfull of spindlemarks and a touch of wear to centrehole itself on the one side which is pressed with a slight rise - vinyl is graded close to VG+.
Please note that this album plays with some degree of crackling inbetween tracks and in quiet passages - one of the lines induces 7 - 10 soft clicks - plenty of dynamics and great instrument differentation though - a play grading would be VG+.

Cover has a very nice front and back displaying a touch of laminate only wear and light edge wrinkling followed by a little laminate rise. Seams are intact but worn 1 - 2cm's against lower corners - spineis easily readable but has some flattening - spine and lower corners displays light wear - upper opening corner barely any.


Side 1:
1. Homeside 5:32
2. Walk In The Light Of The (Lord) 3.03
3. Octobersong 0:37
4. Plastered In Paris 1:21
5. Doves Are White 1:50
6. Cows In My Coulorbook 3:53

Side 2:
1. Hush (For Lynn's Picture) 0:34
2. No 5 In The Book 4:34
3. Rit Yellow 9:38
4. Lady Of Night 3:18

Annie Williams - lead vocals, bass, balalaika
Ernest Mansfield - flutes, piano, harmonica, spoons, triangle
Elliott Delman - guitars, vocals
Jim Cuomo - clarinet, saxophone, domra, vocals
Sandy Spencer - cello

Technical credits:
Acousti - Production
Daniel Hanks - lyrics
Jim Cuomo - co-production
B. Chaubaroux, B Menny, C. Ziegler - Sound engineers
Mormos - Arrangements, cover design
Gyuala Zarand and Gizella Veres - Photography
Recorded at Acousti Studios, Paris
Artist Mormos
Media LP
Katalog nummer S 64979
Land France
Label CBS Records
Udgivelsesår 1972
Grading VG(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Genre Folk & Rock
Sub Genre 1 Folk Rock
Condition Used