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Ars Longa Vita Brevis - Original UK Pink label Issue LP

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Rare original 1968 UK Immidiate Records 6-track very early 1st pressing vinyl LP.

Vinyl has the generic pink company label with black printing, 'Sold In The UK' text and company name-logo at top

Vinyl has machine stamped matrix information:

Side 1: IMSP 020 1 - 2, mother/stamper 1 R
Side 2: IMSP 020 2 - 2, mother/stamper 1 G
making this a very early pressing within the first issue - within the first 600, side 2 having the earliest possible stamper.
Vinyl is housed in front-laminated two-piece flip-back picture cover with 3 extension flabs glued over unlaminated back. Back cover has the 63/69 New Oxford Street Address.

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):

Vinyl is beautifully shiny with barely any signs of wear, only a couple of small and light, inaudible surface lines and the faintest sleeve wear. One side is close to near perfect - the other clean close to perfect - overall graded close to near perfect VG+(+).
Labels has less than a handful of spindlemarks - all centered within centre ring - easily graded close to perfect without any wear to spindlehole itself.

Front of picture cover has some small and light wrinkles from edges and along opening - almost no corners wear, far from outrageous - cover is likewise graded close to near perfect.


Side 1:
1 Daddy Where Did I Come From
2. Little Arabella
3. Happy Freuds
4. Intermezzo from the Karelia Suite
5. Don Edito el gruva

1st Movement Awakening
2nd Movement Realisation
3rd Movement Acceptance "BRANDENBURGER"
4th Movement Denial
Coda-Extension to the Big Note

Line up:
Keith Emerson - keyboards, vocals (except on "Ars Longa Vita Brevis")
Lee Jackson - bass guitar, vocals
Brian Davison - drums
Malcolm Langstaff - guitar (on "2nd Movement - Realisation")

Technical credits:
The Nice - Production
Robert Stewart - orchestral arranger/conductor
Don Brewer - engineer/consultant
Gered Mankowitz - cover photograph and X-rays of The Nice
Artist The Nice
Media LP
Katalog nummer IMSP020
Land UK
Label Immidiate Records
Udgivelsesår 1968
Grading VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Psychedelia
Sub Genre 2 Progressive Rock
Condition Used