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Acustic / Goodiepal - Split Album Issue

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2000 Danish Hobby Industries label split LP album between Jasper Skaanings Acoustic moniker and Goodieopal, who is... you know... Goodiepal - picture cover.


Side 1 - Acustic:

1 Multi
2 2
3 3

Side 2 - Goodiepal:

1 Hat E 8
2 D
3 Platform
4 M-Box
5 Hat E 8 (Team Doyobi Remix)

Jesper Skaaning live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Besides his split's for Hobby, he has released 1 12" and 2 albums through April Records + 3 albums as part of Future 3 (who has also released an album as System through Scape Music).
Though Jesper has not produced for a ton of releases or compilations, he is by far the most productive when talking about the ever-changing compilation webcompilation run by him and the rest of system and Future 3.

Kristian Vester, has a base and sometimes lives in Copenhagen.
Specialised in computers and audio, Kristian has worked for clients such as Nokia, Warner and Columbia Pictures.'
Artist Acustic / Goodiepal
Media LP
Katalog nummer HI 005
Land Denmark
Label Hobby Industries
Udgivelsesår 2000
Grading M-/M- (vinyl and cover)
Genre Electronic
Sub Genre 1 Ambient
Condition Used