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Bare Bone Nest - Original Swedish Issue

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Rare out of print original 1989 Swedish fabricated Spirit Records 13-track CD manufactured for general Scandinavian distrubution without barcode on back.

CD is mounted on a grey tray, front booklert, back insert, normal 'fat' jewel case.

M- (Disc)/M- (front booklet)/M- (back insert):

Disc is perfect - both picture and playing surface. Front booklet and back insert is likewise perfect.


1 Frankenstein 3:13
2 Don't Go Home Joe 3:51
3 Don't Pay Cello 2:24
4 You're Mine Blues 3:11
5 Shot Bayou 3:41
6 Night Train Miss 2:49
7 Fly On 3:10
8 Bone Bone Baby 3:30
9 Round Table Blues 2:19
10 Till The Day I Die 1:58
11 She's So Alone 2:49
12 Save My Soul 1:55
13 Bare Bone Nest 5:43
Artist 22-Pistepirkko
Media CD
Katalog nummer SPIRITCD1
Land Sweden
Label Spirit Records/Sonet Suomi
Udgivelsesår 1989
Grading M- (Disc)/M- (front booklet)/M- (back insert)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Alternative Rock
Condition Used