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171 Used Train Tickets

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2003 US Fusetron 1-sided laser-eched 10" - featuring a spoken word piece from 1990. Etching is a with a map of the surroundings of Aberdeen, Nottingham (UK) and vinyl is manufactured limited to 330 copies and housed in a clear data stickered PVC envelope sleeve.

Richard Youngs on this recording: "The Old Angel, Nottingham, 1990.:
"For reasons that escaped me now, I'd hoarded 171 used train tickets. It felt like a cool idea to read them out. So I did. Not in the privacy of my own home, but to an audience. They seemed to enjoy it..."

Youngs has beeb described "grand-meister of contemporary British improv, spiritual son of Eddie Prevost and Maddy Prior| gentle manipulator of English hymn-notics and religious incantations| protege, challenger and radicaliser of folk, blues, rock, minimalism and improvisation| translator for the sea and the rain and the sky| ambassador to war and peace, to love and anguish" - Melody Maker 1996.
Artist Richard Youngs
Media 10"
Katalog nummer FUSE 029
Land USA
Label Fusetron
Udgivelsesår 2003
Grading New
Genre Spoken Word
Sub Genre 1 Experimental
Condition Used