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Aftermath - 1968/9 UK 14-track Stereo LP - Nongrooved and unboxed logo Labels

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Scarce 1968/9 UK Decca label 14-track stereo LP - this copy has the blue and silver unboxed logo labels with with upper circular 'ffss' logo and 'Full Frequency Range Recording' banner - similar to the 1966 original issue - the label has however copyright year at bottom label placing the labels after summer 1966, it is without the deep groove characterizing pressings before summer 1968.

Machine stamped matrix numbers are:
Side 1: XARL-7209-5W, mother/stamper 1 I, taxcode JT
Side 2: XARL-7210-5W, mother/stamper 1B K, taxcode JT

Vinyl is housed in a generic blue/white company inner and ultimately in an original Robert Stace manufactured picture cover - which is 'Clarifoil' laminated over the spine.

Additional details - label describtion:

Copyright box: BIEM to the left of NCB
Font: An Ariel looking font style
Tax Code: J/T
Publishers: MCPS and Mirage Music under the BIEM box
Publishing year: On the botton of the label
Side number: On the left side of the label
Mick Keith Charlie Brian & Bill text above tracklistings.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyls and Labels)/VG+ (Cover):
Vinyl still retains its original lustre and has a single light and inaudible drop mark on side 1 - otherwise barely any sleeve wear.
Labels, Decca design no. 9 / version 1, has a light degree of slightly scattered spindlewear around centrehole - less than a handfull - by far nothing that indicates excessive play - vinyl is overall graded close to perfect.

Picture cover has a few light edge wrinkles - a single one along opening. Cover has a thin stripe of laminate lift along very slightly pressurized spine - and has remnarkable deep and clear colour. back cover has very slight upper and lower cover ringwear - a light degree of creasing - has a few diffuse upper left corner tag tears. Seams are intact - spine easily readable - corner are very nice with just a touch of rubing... by far nothing affectning the overall experience of the cover, which is very decent - graded straight VG+.

Decca inner no. 4, used 1966-68


Side 1:
1. Mothers Little Helper
2. Stupid Girl
3. Lady Jane
4. Under My Thumb
5. Doncha Bother Me
6. Goin' Home

Side 2:
1. Flight 505
2. High And Dry
3. Out Of Time
4. It's Not Easy
5. I Am Waiting
6. Take It Or Leave It
7. Think
8. What To Do


The Rolling Stones:
Mick Jagger - Vocals, Percussion, Lighting
Keith Richard - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Jones - Guitar, Marimbas, Bells, Dulcimer, Sitar, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord
Bill Wyman - Bass, Marimbas, Bells, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord
Charlie Watts - Drums, Percussion, Marimbas, Bells

Jack Nitzsche - Percussion, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord
Ian Stewart - Piano, Organ, Harpsichord

Technical credits:
The Rolling Stones - Arrangements
Dave Hassinger - Engineer
Andrew Loog Oldham - Production
Artist The Rolling Stones
Media LP
Katalog nummer SKL 4786
Land UK
Label Decca
Udgivelsesår 1968
Grading VG++ (Vinyls and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Rock & Roll
Sub Genre 2 Blues Rock
Condition Used