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Age Of Capricorn - 2019 French Debemur Morti label 6-track LP

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ARKONA, one of the first and best Polish Black Metal bands, follow up 2016’s Debemur Morti debut ‘Lunaris’ with the frighteningly-focused ‘Age Of Capricorn’, a zip-wire blast of mesmerising intensity.


Formed in 1993, the band record-on-record continually ascend to the next level and this emphatic 7th album builds a new world from their distinctive sonic elements: nihilistic rage, strident power, masterfully integrated filmic orchestration and vicious slabs of whiteout riffing where emotive melodies are beaten into corruption.


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Impressive Art Studio, ‘Age Of Capricorn’ is blessed with a crisp production that foregrounds a jackhammer relentlessness of near-industrial proportions, leaving the listener gasping for air as they are bludgeoned into inverted cathedrals of sound.


ARKONA are the place where the lightless spirits of second and third wave Black Metal assume modern form in an all too relatable maelstrom of degradation and disquiet, alienation and anger, hypnosis and horror.



A1 Stellar Inferno
A2 Alone Among Wolves
A3 Age Of Capricorn
B1 Deathskull Mystherium
B2 Towards The Dark
B3 Grand Manifest Of Death

Artist Arkona
Media LP
Katalog nummer DMP0181LP
Land Europe
Label Debemur Morti
Udgivelsesår 2019
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Heavy Metal
Sub Genre 2 Black Metal
Condition New