2016 My Generation 2020 Word & Sound 12" RSD 2020 Vinyl

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2016 My Generation - 2020 European Word & Sound Label 1-track 12" RSD 2020

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'2016 - My Generation”: a momentous comeback for Mirwais, two decades on from his classic “Production” album.

It all started in 2016 with an idea Mirwais had for a music video to promote his upcoming single “2016 - My Generation”.
The idea led Mirwais and co-founder of graphic design studio H5/creator of the Oscar-winning “Logorama” animated short
Ludovic Houplain to work together on a fascinating ten-minute short entitled “My Generation"

Since its 2017 release, the film “My Generation”, produced and scored almost liturgically by Mirwais, made the rounds of
festivals, winning several prizes worldwide.
It presents itself as a backwards travelling shot during which all of our pop culture moment’s gimmicks collide at 100 km/h:
sex, the net, art, politics, sports, stocks, big pharma and big porno – from Hitler’s speeches to Trump’s contemporary

Flash forward to 2020, and it is this very six-minute pop-litical critique of our era’s societal excesses that Mirwais chose
as the music video for his new single “2016 - My Generation”, set to be released during the coming fall’s American
presidential election.

A sonic deflagration that heralds a new album from one of Madonna’s most iconic collaborators, succeeding, two decades
later, the now-classic “Production”.
A punchy, percussive single poised between hard techno and electronic disco,
sprinkled with choirs and distorted, psychedelic synths “2016 - My Generation” is a dance floor-ready opus bearing
Mirwais’ inimitable signature.
This way of mixing genres, of conjugating past and future, and of making pop experimental
and vice-versa, cements Mirwais’ reputation as one of times’ most singular composers.

RSD 2020 Exclusive - 1000 copies



Side 1:
1    2016 - My Generation

Artist Mirwais
Media 12"
Katalog nummer 4251804122504
Land Europe
Label Word & Sound
Udgivelsesår 2020
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Electronic
Sub Genre 1 Club/Dance
Sub Genre 2 House
Condition New