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Doing It Right - 2020 Gateway label 10-track LP

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Side 1:
1. You're Doing It Right
2. As Long As I Remember
3. Copenhagen Fast Track
4. Tupelo Bound
5. Shove It

Side 2:
1. Deep Water
2. I Tried In Vain
3. I Don't Wanna Go
4. I Been Working
5. I Don't Know


Fried Okra:
Morten Lunn – Guitars, diddley bow and vocals
Thomas Crawfurd – Drums, percussion and background vocals
Anders Wallin – Bass, fiddle, guitar and background vocals

Technical Credits:
Fried Okra, Peter Iversen - Production

Thomas Crawfurdt Right - Cover artwork

Artist Fried Okra
Media LP
Katalog nummer OKRA06LP
Land Denmark
Label Gateway Music
Udgivelsesår 2020
Grading New
Genre Rock & Blues
Condition New