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At Action Park - 2018 Touch and Go label 10-track LP Reissue- 180 gram Reissue

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2018 US Touch And Go label reissue of Chicago, Illinois,  post hardcore trios debut album...  featuring Big Black and Rapemans Steve Albini , Bob Weston of the Boston based Volcano Suns and Todd Trainer of Brick Layer Cake & Rifle Sport... hard, minimalistic and metallic - uncomprimising and abrasive by any standard... a classic nowadays. 

Chicago Tribunes Greg Kot wrote that the "... music is still punishing in the extreme, with melody subservient to groove and dynamics, and the human voice just another instrument in a maelstrom", and that "Albini uses his guitar more for color and texture rather than as a lead instrument, while bassist Bob Weston and drummer Todd Trainer create a vicious spin-cycle groove, punctuated by thrilling ebbs and leaps in volume and tempo." Kot called the engineering "extraordinary".

Pressed onto 180 grams of virgin carbon-blackened vinyl - held in a cardboard inner sleeve - ultimately in a matt finish, partially laquered and printed unipak sleeve - sticker sealed on back - nice.


Side 1:
1    My Black Ass    3:00
2    Pull The Cup    4:12
3    The Admiral    2:21
4    Crow    4:47
5    Song Of The Minerals    4:24

Side 2:
1    A Minute    3:40
2    The Idea Of North    3:42
3    Dog And Pony Show    3:59
4    Boche's Dick 1:38
5    Il Porno Star    5:14

Artist Shellac
Media LP
Katalog nummer TG141LP
Land USA
Label Touch And Go
Udgivelsesår 2018
Grading New
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Post Hardcore
Sub Genre 2 Noise
Condition New