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A Wish Of Life - 2016 Danish DVP label 10-track Limited Numbered Reissue LP

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2016 Danish DVP label remastered 10-track LP - a limited numbered reissue of major Copenhagen based darkly repetative and psychedelic effort - a definite Joy Division, Doors, Velvet Underground influence - originally released on the Irmgartz label in 1982.

Vinyl are manufactured as a red translucent vinyl pressing - graphics label are excact repros of the originals - hard card inner sleeve featuring the artwork of the originals insert - machine numbered on top back picture cover - solely manufactured in 500 copies.

Condition: New - still factory sealed.
Unopened and unused - new.


Side 1:
1. A wish of life
2. Baby sea
3. You can dream
4. Schizophrenia minds
5. Surrender

Side 2:
1. The values of peace
2. To rise
3. Special surprise
4. Grey day
5. Wasteful hours

Written by Fritz Bonfils, composed by Before

Recorded and mixed at Hookfarm Studio, Copenhagen
'Baby sea', 'To rise' and 'Special surprise' are recorded and mixed at Karma Music Studio, Gasværksvej, Copenhagen

Michael Bonfils/Fritz "Fatal" Bonfils - Vocals
Michael Rasmussen (pre-The Sandmen) - Drums
Lars Bo "Tolle" Tolstoy Hansen (pre-Ads) - Guitar,...

Technical Credits:
Before - Production
Søren Hook, Andreas Blegnän - Engineer

Maiken Sylvester - Artwork
Artist Before
Media LP
Catalogue no IRMG006/DVP066
Country Denmark
Label Danish Vinyl Productions
Year 2016
Grading Still Factory Sealed
Genre Rock
Sub Genre 1 Post Punk
Sub Genre 2 Danish Post Punk
Condition Used