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22, A Million - 2016 European Jagjaguwar ýlabel Limited Edition 10-track LP incl 2-track Bonus 12"

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2016 European Jagjaguwar ‎|label Limited Edition 10-track black vinyl LP including 2-track Bonus 12".
Kanye West once called Justin Vernon was "his favorite living artist" - this is Vernons strange, exploratory and experimental first album since the achinly folky 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver' from 2011.

Pitchforks Amanda Petrusichs labels '22, A Million' "a personal record about how to move forward through disorienting times" and elaborates "behind the arranged glitches and processed voices are deeply felt songs about uncertainty" and "mostly gone are the acoustic strums, replaced by lurching, electronic gasps born from the Messina, a doctored combination of the Prismizer software plug-in and some hardware that was invented by Vernon and his engineer, Chris Messina. But the albums share an ideology. All things go, taken back into darkness."

Album vinyl has silver and black print on the black and silver background labels - colours overall structured Yin Yan'ishly - divided by an 'S' shape.

Album vinyl is kept in a purple card inner sleeve, accompanied by a 24 page 11" square illustrated songbook - both kept in a gatefold picture cover.
The limited edition packacking comprises an additional 2-track 12" single featuring remixes of '22 (OVER SooN)' and '10 d E A T h b R E a s T' - housed in its own separate picture cover. LP & 12" are shrinkwrapped together - this packaging remains still factory sealed - unopened and unused.


Side 1:
1 22 (Over Soon) 2:46
2 2 10 d E A T h b R E a s T (Ben Lester - BJ Burton) 2:23
3 715 - CReeKS 2:09
4 33 _GOD_ 3:28
5 29 #Strafford APTS (BJ Burton) 4:04

Side 2:
1 666 (Upside down t) 4:12
2 21 MooN WATER (Sean Carey)3:08
3 8 (circle) (Ryan Olson, BJ Burton, Michael Lewis) 5:06
4 ____45_____ 2:46
5 00000 Million (Michael Lewis) 3:54

All tracks written by Justin Vernon - co-writers mentioned

Bonus 12":

Side 1:
1. 22 (OVER SooN) (Bob Moose Extended Cab Version) 3:22

Side 2:
1. 10 d E A T h b R E a s T (Extended Version) 2:58

Justin Vernon - "Maker", Vocals, OP-1, guitar, Prophet, bass, drums, M1, Messina
Matt McCaughan - metal drum (666), drums (8 (circle))
Sean Carey - drums (666, 8 (circle)), percussion (666), DX7 (21 MooN WATER)
Michael Lewis - "The Oracle", saxophones (22 (Over Soon), 666, 21 M◊|◊|N WATER, 8 (Circle))
Andy Fitzpatrick - the 22000 (10 d E A T h b R E a s T, 21 MooN WATER, 8 (Circle)), OP-1 (666)

Additional Musicians:
Chris Rosenau - electric guitars, acoustic guitars (33 _GOD_)
James Buckley - basses (666)
BJ Burton - "Noble Black Eagle", C1 programming (666), C2 programming (666), saxophone (21 MooN WATER), programming (8 (circle))
Colin Stetson - saxophones (21 MooN WATER)
Sad Sax of Shit: Al Falaschi, Anthony Barba, Christopher Thomas (8), Clay Lyons, Clay Pufahl, David Laurenzi, Mark Henderson, Matt Douglas, Michael Lewis, Nelson Devereaux, Peterson - saxophones (22 (Over Soon), 10 d E A T h b R E a s T, 33 _GOD_, 29 #Strafford APTS , 666, 8 (Circle))
Trever Hagen - prepared trumpet (33 _GOD_)
Joe "Squints" Westerlund - bowed cymbals (33 _GOD_)
Andrew Broder - V3 programming (666), audible programming (____45_____)
Ryan Olson - "Scream Defence", MIDI capture piano (22 (Over Soon)), sampler (21 MooN WATER), field recorder (21 MooN WATER), writer (8 (circle))
Michael Vincent Vognar Noyce - voice (8 (circle))
Camilla Stavely Taylor, Jessica Stavely Taylor, Elise Carey - voices (21 MooN WATER)

Technical Credits:
Justin Vernon, Eric Timothy Carlson - Production
Zach Hanson - "Professional Mixer"
Huntley Miller - mastering
Rob Moose - "The Whisperer", violins arrangement (22 (Over Soon)), violas arrangement (22 (Over Soon)), saxophones arrangement (10 d E A T h b R E a s T, 29 #Strafford APTS, 666, 8 (Circle))

Eric Timothy Carlson - Artwork

Sample credits:
"22 (OVER SooN)" contains a sample of "How I Got Over (Live)", as written by Clara Ward and performed by Mahalia Jackson.
"10 d E A T h b R E a s T" contains a sample of "Wild Heart", as written and perfomed by Stevie Nicks
"33 "GOD"" contains samples of "Dsharpg", as written and performed by Sharon Van Etten, "Morning", as written by Willis S. Graham and performed by Jim Ed Brown, "Iron Sky", as written by Paolo Nutini and Dani Castelar and performed by Paolo Nutini, and "All Rendered Truth", as written and performed by Lonnie Holley.
"666" contains a sample of "Standing In The Need of Prayer", as written by Dave Kingsby and performed by The Supreme Jubilees.
"21 MooN WATER" contains samples of "A Lover's Concerto", as written by Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer, and performed by The Toys.
"00000 Million" contains a sample of "Abacus" as written and performed by Fionn Regan.
Artist Bon Iver
Media LP
Katalog nummer JAG300XBND01
Land Europe
Label Jagjaguwar
Udgivelsesår 2016
Grading New/Still Factory Sealed
Genre Pop & Folk & Electronica
Sub Genre 1 Indie Folk
Sub Genre 2 Folktronica
Condition Used