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Svanfridur - What's Hidden There?

€ 1850
TitleWhat's Hidden There?
Price € 1850
Record labelPrivate Pressing
Catalogue noSvan 1
Year of release1972
Stock listSvanfridur
Additional infoImpossible to find original 1972 privately pressed legenday Icelandic megararity - the 4 piece bands blend of nordic folk and heavy progressive rock has been described and "sensationally good" - perhaps the best Icelandic progressive rock album of all times.

Vinyl is in utterly perfect condition - still shiny and completely without any wear - no sleeve scuffs, no surface lines. Labels are in equally perfect condition - not a single spindlemark - just clean perfect.
Syperfragile textured gatefold sleeve is conservatively graded VG++ with only the faintest right bottom seam wear - this is by all means an album which has not been played excessively and handled very carefully.