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Humus - Humus

€ 100
Price € 100
Record labelSmogless Records
Catalogue no2007
Year of release1994
GradingStill Sealed
Stock listHumus
Additional infoScarce original 1994 Mexican Smogless LP from J. Beltran (acoustic and electric guitars, synthetizers and effects) - this time with help from V. Basurto (bass, synthetizer and effects), F. Pineda (bass on Zelvalareina); Carlos Bozzo Vazquez & Charly Lopez (both Drums). Humus is a progressive rock band that leans towards a dark, dissonant guitar sound with escurtions into jazz with lots of effects.
This copy is in a rarely seen still sealed condition.

1. Ultrarapido (Super Humus)
2. Zelvalareina
3. L'ente Trioculaire
4. Solar Abuse (In Memoriam F.Z.)
5. Gloomy Broom
6. Cong
7. Nederweit
8. Trastornorgonal