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The Fugs - Baskets Of Love - Original Danish Issue

€ 55
ArtistThe Fugs
TitleBaskets Of Love - Original Danish Issue
Price € 55
Record labelOlufsen Records
Catalogue noDOC 5009
Year of release1984
Stock listThe Fugs
Additional infoScarce 1984 Denmark-only Olufsen Records Denmark 9-track vinyl LP - picture cover

Vinyl is in shiny perfect condition - picture cover very close to perfect with barely any visible wear.


Side 1:
1. Days of auld lang hippie
2. The Fugs rehearsal
a. I fucked a chicken in the 60's (but now I'm the dean of the medical school)
b. Haben Sie Herpes
c. I don't want to sing any songs against America
d. Why don't we do it in the bed?
3. You can't go into the same river twice

Side 2:
1. Frenzy
2. Crystal liaison
3. An oceanic dream of Zeus
4. Nothing
5. Morning morning

Ed Sanders - Vocals, pulse and light lyre
Tuli Kupferberg - Vocals
Stephen Taylor - Vocals, guitars
Coby Batty - Vocals, drums, percussion
Vinnie Learly - guitars
Mark Kramer - bass, keyboards