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Sigur Ros - () - 2-Disc Interactive Promotional Press Kit

€ 14
ArtistSigur Ros
Title() - 2-Disc Interactive Promotional Press Kit
Price € 14
FormatCD & CD Rom
Record labelFatcat Records
Catalogue noFATIPK01A
Year of release2002
GradingVG+ (Disc 1)/VG+ (Disc 2)/M- (Packaging)
Stock listSigur Ros
Additional info2002 UK Fatcat label 2-disc interactive promotional press kit & interview CD - complete with page booklet with biography & interview transcript, mailorder sheet - everything held in a DVD keep case with nice picture insert.

Condition: VG+ (Disc 1)/VG+ (Disc 2)/M- (Packaging):

Disc 1 has light signs of handling or use - Disc 2 almost none. Packaging itself is perfect.


1. Audio Disc: Interview:

1 Can You Introduce Yourselves? 0:14
2 Why Are There No Titles On The New LP? 1:23
3 Do You Think There's Been A Change In Your Music Since The Last Album? (Ágætis Byrjun) 1:07
4 How Do You Create Your Music? 0:39
5 I See That Ken Thomas, Who Helped You With The Last Album Features On This One Too. What's Your Working Relationship Like? 0:30
6 Did The Success Of Ágætis Byrjun Take You By Surprise? 0:26
7 Were You Surprised By The Scale Of The International Reaction? 0:18
8 I've Heard There Was Alot Of Competition Between US Record Labels To Release Your Music In The States 0:51
9 How Was Touring With Radiohead? 0:48
10 Do You Think People Sometimes Come To Your Music With Preconceptions? 1:28
11 Your Video For The Track Svefn-G-Englar Was One Of 2001's Most Memorable. How Did It Come About? 0:51
12 Tell Us About Your Recent Classical Piece "Odin's Raven Magic"? 1:07
13 Who Is Steindor Andersen? 1:44
14 Where Was The Piece Performed? 0:15
15 How Did You Create The Live Visuals? 0:59
16 Will The Album Be Followed By A Tour? 0:18
17 Do You Like Japan? 0:40
18 You've Had An Amazing Two Years. What's Next For Sigur Rós? 0:20


1. Videos:
a Late Late Show 5:00
b Intoduction To Perlan 10:54
c Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa 7:03
d Svefn-G-Englar 9:43
e Odins Raven Magic 7:46

2. Photography - Includes 8 pictures
3. A 7-page biography written by James Doheny
4. Pressclippings - articles in Magazines and newspapers from Europe, USA and UK
5. Weblinks to 6 different websites