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Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation - German 1970ies Issue - Orange Labels

€ 27
ArtistJefferson Airplane
TitleCrown Of Creation - German 1970ies Issue - Orange Labels
Price € 27
Record labelRCA Victor
Catalogue noLSP-4058
Year of release197?
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listJefferson Airplane
Additional infoScarce German RCA Victor vinyl LP - a 1970ies reissue of San Francisco folk and psychedelic rock bands 4rth album - originally released in september, 1968.

Vinyl is pressed with the generic orange company labels with black center print and the large vertical outline RCA and mid-size horizontal solid Victor logos in white to the right and left of center hole respectively.

Vinyl is housed in a slightly glossy finish picture cover with top back "Deutsche Pressung - German Pressing" print and lower back white on black production notes box.

For those into the machine stamped matrix information:
Side 1: LP-Ste-WPRS-0549-X Manufactured in Germany
Side 2: LP-Ste-WPRS-0550-X Manufactured in Germany

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl is very close to perfect with barely visible sleeve lines - labels are in clean perfect condition.

Picture cover is in close to perfect condition and has just a touch fne and light wrinkles from edges and likewise faint top opening edge rubbing - next to nothing - otherwise mint.


Side 1:
1. Lather (Grace Slick) 2:57
2. In Time (Paul Kantner, Marty Balin) 4:14
3. Triad (David Crosby) 4:55
4. Star Track (Jorma Kaukonen) 3:11
5. Share a Little Joke (Marty Balin) 3:09
6. Chushingura (instrumental) (Spencer Dryden) 1:20

Side 2:
1. If You Feel (Marty Balin, Gary Blackman) 3:21
2. Crown of Creation (lyric based on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids - Paul Kantner) 2:54
3. Ice Cream Phoenix (Jorma Kaukonen, Charles Cockey) 3:02
4. Greasy Heart (Grace Slick) 3:26
5. The House at Pooneil Corners (Paul Kantner, Marty Balin) 5:54

Recorded february - June 1968 at RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
Pressed by TELDEC Schallplatten GmbH, Niedernstr. 3 - 7, 24589 Nortorf, Germany

Marty Balin - vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick - vocals, piano, organ
Paul Kantner - rhythm guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen - lead guitar, electric chicken, vocals
Spencer Dryden - drums, piano, organ, steel balls, vocals
Jack Casady - Yggdrasil bass

Additional musicians
? - percussion
Gary Blackman - nose solo (Side 1, track 1)
Charles Cockey - guitar, vocals
David Crosby - guitar
Tim Davis - congas
Bill Goodwin - talking drums
Dan Woody - bongos
Gene Twombly - sound effects

Technical Credits:
Al Schmitt - production
Richie Schmitt - Recording engineer
Pat Ieraci - 8-Track

Hiro - cover and back photo
USAF - bomb photo, sometimes attributed to the Hiroshima detonation, but is in fact one of the US desert testing explosions.
J. Van Hamersveld - album design, art direction

Various Credits:
Bill Laudner - road manager
Chick Casady - equipment manager
Bill Thompson - manager