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Them Belfast Gypsies - Them Belfast Gypsies - Original 1967 Swedish Sonet label 12-track LP

€ 125
ArtistThem Belfast Gypsies
TitleThem Belfast Gypsies - Original 1967 Swedish Sonet label 12-track LP
Price € 125
GenreRock & R&B
Record labelGrand Prix/Sonet
Catalogue noGP-9923
Year of release1967
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listThem Belfast Gypsies
Additional infoScarce original 1967 Sonet 'Grand Prix' series 12-track LP - originally released as a Swedish only album in 1967.

The Belafst Gypsies was formed when garagy Irish R&B combo, as Them, collapsed into two leaving Pat McAuley as leader of the rival combo - still very much in that raw, powerfull, manic and garagy R&B vein - produced Kim Fowley.

Vinyl has the generic dark green company labels with black centre- and white rimprint - left side circular 'Grand Prix' trumpet logo - upper large fonted 'Sonet' text and trumpet logo.
Labels has '33 RPM' speed indication at 9 o'clock and '45' speed indication placed in a triangle in perimeter print at 6 o'clock.

Vinyl is housed in a fully laminated SIB-Tryck, Tumba printed picture cover.

For those into trail off information, this one has machine stamped matrix info:
Side 1: 9923 A
Side 2: 9923 B

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):

Vinyl is bright and shiny - has been used directly from the paper inner sleeve and has a very few fine, light and inaudible surface marks paired with a little faint sleeve wear.

Labels has a spiders web og light and superficial spindletraces - by far mostly placed within the center ring. Vinyl is overall a very nmice close to near mint/excellent.

Cover has extremely nice cover centers - only the very faintest laminate only wear to vinyl outline.
A few light and small wrinkles comes from edges and a couple of very small but not so light ones are placed in top corners as a result of slightly more manifest corner dents.

Seams are straight and without wear - iopening edges almost without signs of use - cover is overall graded close to near mint.


Side 1:
1. Gloria's Dream (Ray Henderson, Mark Scott, Ken McLeod, Jackie & Pat McAuley, Kim Fowley)
2. The Crazy World Inside Me (Ken McLeod, Jackie McAuley)
3. Midnight Train (Traditional)
4. Aria Of the Fallen Angels (Mark Scott, Ken McLeod, Jackie & Pat McAuley)
5. Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)
6. People Let's Freak Out (Mark Scott, Ken McLeod, Jackie & Pat McAuley, Kim Fowley)

Side 2:
1. Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker)
2. The Last Will & Testament (Mark Scott, Jackie & Pat McAuley)
3. Portland Town (Derroll Adams)
4. Hey Gyp! Dig The Slowness (Donovan Leitch)
5. Suicide Song (Mark Scott, Ken McLeod, Jackie & Pat McAuley)
6. Secret Police (KimFowley, Doug Waltner, Dennis Hardesty)

The Belfast Gypsies:
Jackie McAuley - lead vocals, organ, harmonica
Pat McAuley - organ, drums
Ken McLeod - drums, guitar
Mark Scott - bass

Technical Credits:
Kim Fowley - Production

Leif Illernäs - Layout