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Sassafras - Expecting Company - 1973 UK Pressed Polydor label 9-track LP

€ 47
TitleExpecting Company - 1973 UK Pressed Polydor label 9-track LP
Price € 47
Record labelPolydor Records
Catalogue no2383 245
Year of release1973
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listSassafras
Additional infoRare 1973 UK Pressed Polydor label 9-track LP, of Cardiff, Wales, boogie-southern Rock bands debut album.

Vinyl has the generic red Polydor labels with top 'half album' logo just above large fonted company name in white.

Vinyl is held in the matt finish and very delicate very first issue E.J. Day Group printed picture cover.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover):
Vinyl still retains its original lustre - has a little sleeve scuffing - mint labels - overall graded near mint.

Front and back cover centers are really nice - without any signs of storage or wear.
Seams are almost intact - top seam have just a little wear towards corners - lower seam is a little bit more worn - worn though 1 cm towards opening - spine almost without wear and easily readable - opening edges have hardly any rubbing.
Corners have just a little marginal denting - almost no rubbing? a simply extremely nice cover considering the vast potential for wear - graded close to near mint and very nice.


Side 1:
1. Electric Chair
2. Busted Country Blues
3. Beans And Things
4. Across The Seas Of Stars (Ricky John Holt)

Side 2:
1. School Days
2. The Way Of Me (Ricky John Holt, Dai Shell and Ralph, Terry Bennett, Congo Jones)
3. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg (Finn)
3a. Expecting Company
3b. Meanwhile Back In Merthyr

Written and composed by Ricky John Holt, Dai Shell and Ralph Evans unless otherwise noted

Recorded at AIR Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead, London NW3 5NG,
Laquer cutting and vinyl pressing by Phonodisc Ltd., Chingford/Walthamstow, London

Dai Shell, Ralph Evans - Lead Guitar
Terry Bennett - Vocals, Percussion
Ricky John Holt - Bass
Congo Jones - Drums

Technical Credits:
Phil Sampson - Production
Denny Bridges, Peter Swettenham - Engineer

John Bantini - Front Cover Photography
Jill Furmanovsky - Back Cover Photography
Ian Murray - Art Direction