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Sainte Anthony's Fyre - Sainte Anthony's Fyre - 1996 US Pressed Void label 8-track LP Reissue

€ 55
ArtistSainte Anthony's Fyre
TitleSainte Anthony's Fyre - 1996 US Pressed Void label 8-track LP Reissue
Price € 55
Record labelVoid Records
Catalogue no?
Year of release1996
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++(Insert)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listSainte Anthony's Fyre
Additional info1996 US Void label 8-track LP reissue of raw Trenton, New Jersey, hard rock trios sole privately pressed and distributed 1970 Zonk label release.

Limited and numbered (#91/400) - Vinyl has the generic Side 1 Void picture label., Side 2 tracklistng label - comes complete with full colour poster - housed in a front and back paste on picture cover.

Condition: New/M- (Vinyl)/VG++ (Labels)/VG++(Insert)/VG++ (Cover):

Vinyl itself is without play or handling - the only sign of play is a ingle superficial spindletrace on the Side 1 label - Side 2 label does not display any signs of handling. Vinyl is overall graded near mint.

Poster has a couple of small corner bends - but is otherwise mint - graded near mint.

Cover has the very faintest lower opening corner dent, but is otherwise without any signs of storage or handling - extremely close to miny.


Side 1:
1. Love Over You 4:54
2. Get Off 3:10
3. Summer Fun 3:38
4. Starlight 5:36

Side 2:
1. Lone Soul Road 4:43
2. With Your Beau 3:10
3. Chance Of Fate 4:09
4. Wet Back 3:02


Bob Sharples - Drums, Percussion
Tomm Nardi - Vocals, Bass
Greg Ohm/Gregory Onushko - Vocals, Guitar

Technical Credits:
Lee DeCarlo, Michael Nise - Engineer