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Toad - Toad - Tomorrow Blue - Dreams - 2003 Italian Akarma label 3 CD Box Set

€ 60
TitleToad - Tomorrow Blue - Dreams - 2003 Italian Akarma label 3 CD Box Set
Price € 60
Record labelAkarma
Catalogue noAK 083/3
Year of release2000
Grading3xVG++ (Discs)/VG++ (Card Sleeves)/M- (Insert)/VG++ (Poster)/VG++ (Book)/VG+(+) (Box)
Stock listToad
Additional infoScarce 2003 Italian Akarma label 29-track 3CD Box featuring Basel, based ex-Brainticket members 3 albums originally released on vinyl on the Swizz Hallelujah in 1971 and 1972 as well as the Italian Toad label in 1975 - a mean prog and blues infused hard rock-psychedelic rock melt down.

Discs includes 7-bous tracks - all taken from 1970ies singles as well as the intended but unreleased at the time 'Purple Haze' 1975 7" - later issued in the 90ies on the Akarma label.

Discs are housed in protective inner envelopes and high gloss card gatefold sleeves.
Card packagings are mounted in a die cut card box-interior along with large fold-out poster and 18 page booklet - everything housed in a glossy two-piece 12" square box - nice.

Condition: 3xVG++ (Discs)/VG++ (Card Sleeves)/M- (Insert)/VG++ (Poster)/VG++ (Book)/VG+(+) (Box):

Discs have very little to hardly any signs of playing surface handling or play - perfect picture surfaces - graded near mint.

Card sleeves are simply extremely nice - does not look handled but displays lighter manufacturing imperfections which could be interpreted as signs of handling - hence the near mint grading.

Insert for the 'Tomorrow Blue' album is mint - booklet and poster have only very light signs of handling and are graded near mint.

Box interior is mint - box surface has faint wear only affecting laminate or shine of the box - very light creasing, a single very small wrinkle - graded close to near mint/excellent overall.


CD 1:
1. Cotton Wood Hill (Benj Jaeger, Werner Froehlich) 8:29
2. A Life That Ain't Worth Living (Vic Vergeat) 3:26
3. Tank (Vic Vergeat) 3:22
4. They Say I'm Mad (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 6:40
5. Life Goes On 11:48 (Benj Jaeger, Werner Froehlich)
6. Pig's Walk (Vic Vergeat) 7:19
7. The One I Mean (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 2:28

Bonus tracks:
8. Stay (Benj Jaeger, Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich)
9. Animals World (Vic Vergeat)

CD 2:
1. Thoughts (Andreas Baltasar Wenger, Vic Vergeat - Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 6:27
2. Tomorrow Blue (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 9:07
3. Blind Chapman's Tales (Andreas Baltasar Wenger, Vic Vergeat - Vic Vergeat) 5:20
4. Vampires (Andreas Baltasar Wenger, Vic Vergeat - Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 5:42
5. No Need (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 3:37
6. Change In Time (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich) 12:28
7.Three O'Clock In The Morning (Vic Vergeat) 0:49

Bonus tracks:
8. Fly (Andreas Baltasar Wenger, Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich)
9. I Saw Her Standing There (John Lennon - Paul McCartney)
10. Green Ham (Vic Vergeat)

CD 3:
1. Keep On Movin' (Vic Vergeat)
2. Dreams (Werner Froehlich)
3. Let's Get Hi (Vic Vergeat)
4. Electric Rider (Werner Froehlich)
5. Because You're Not (Vic Vergeat)
6. You Know Who I Am (Vic Vergeat)
7. Boogin' On A Saturday Night (Vic Vergeat)8. Break Down (Vic Vergeat)

Bonus tracks:
9. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
10. Making You Feel Right (Vic Vergeat, Werner Froehlich)

Toad and Tomorrow Blue are recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, Engineers Way, Wembley, London HA9, UK
Dreams was recorded at Trafalgar Recording Studios, Rome, Italy

Vic Vergeat - Guitar (all), Vocals (Tomorrow Blue, Dreams), Piano (Tomorrow Blue), Electric Piano (Dreams), Mellotron (Dreams)
Werner Frohlich - Bass (all), Vocals (Tomorrow Blue, Dreams), Fender Bass (Dreams), Moog Synthesizer (Dreams)
Cosimo Lampis - Drums (All), Congas (Tomorrow Blue, Dreams), Percussion (Dreams)
Benjamin Jaeger - Vocals (Toad)

Additional Musicians:
Helmut Lipsky - Violin (Tomorrow Blue)

Technical Credits:

Chris Schwegler - Production (Toad, Tomorrow Blue)
Toad - Arrangements, Production (Tomorrow Blue, Dreams)
Martin Birch (Toad, Tomorrow Blue), Gaetano Ria (Dreams) - Engineer
Enrico Mangora, Giorgio Mangora - Box Set Supervisor

Christian Vogt - Photography (Tomorrow Blue)
Giorgio Meloni - Liner Notes
Elso Schiavo (Toad), Silvio Caduff (Tomorrow Blue) - Artwork