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Max Frost - Shape Of Things To Come - 1968 US Pressed Tower Records label 10-track LP

€ 40
ArtistMax Frost
TitleShape Of Things To Come - 1968 US Pressed Tower Records label 10-track LP
Price € 40
Record labelTower
Catalogue noST 5147
Year of release1968
GradingVG (Vinyl and Labels/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listMax Frost
Additional infoRare 1968 US Pressed Tower Records label 10-track LP - the first and only - high octane rock - album by fictional psychedelic garage band... a combo originally created for the 1968 exploitation film 'Wild in the Streets'... the band playing the music is believed to include members of Davie Allan and The Arrows with lead vocals by Paul Wibier... the lead singer of The 13 Power which was credited for the music except for incidental music penned by Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann and composed by Les Baxter.

Vinyl has the generic tan/brown company labels with broad centerring and 'Mfd. In U.S.A.' lower labelrim text - a label used from 1967 - 68.

Vinyl has han etched matrix information:
Side 1: ST-1-5147 / B 11031
Side 2: ST-2-5147 / B 11032

Vinyl is housed in a thick and sturdy front pasted picture cover.

Condition: VG (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover):

Vinyl is overall beautifully lustrous - has a touch of sleeve inflicted wear and would be near mint if not for a couple of inaudible pressing defects.
A tine peice of paper is pressed into the vinyl before the music starts on Side 1 and in a thin strech in the 1st track on Side 2... completely inaudible and great playing on both turntables in our store.

Cover is nice - just a touch of smudging or wear along vinyl outline - next to nothing - as well as a slight dent to top front opening and a wrinkle from mid-lower front spine.

Seams are only very lightly worn and intact.
Opening corners are slightly worn followed by a few mm's split, top spine corner is worn ca 1 cm towards top spine but still quite pointy and not dented - lower spine corner is perfect. A simply very nice upper VG+ cover.


1. Shape of Things to Come (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil - Les Baxter) 1:55
2. Lonely Man 2:32
3. Shine It On 2:29
4. It's Wrong (Barney Hector - Paul Wibier) 2:12
5. Captain Hassel (Pauil Wibier - Gary McClane - Stewart Martin - Dale Beckner - Barney Hector) 2:21

Side 2:
1. Fifty Two Per Cent (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil - Les Baxter) 2:41
2. Try to Make Up Your Mind 1:55
3. Let Your Mind Run Free 2:31
4. She Lied (Dale Beckner - Stewart Martin) 2:36
5. A Change Is Gonna Come (Paul Wibier - Dale Beckner) 2:48

All songs written and composed by Paul Wibier unless otherwise noted


Max Frost And The Troopers

Technical Credits:
Ed Beram, Mike Curb - Production
Harley Hatcher - Engineer
The Edric Agency - Supervisor

Drew Struzan - Cover