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Ferron - Ferron - 1977 Canadian Pressed Lucy label 15-track LP

€ 85
TitleFerron - 1977 Canadian Pressed Lucy label 15-track LP
Price € 85
GenreFolk & Singer/Songwriter
Record labelLucy Records
Catalogue no
Year of release1977
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels/ VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listFerron
Additional infoRare 1977 Canadian Pressed Lucy label 15-track LP - Toronto, Canada, born singer-songwriter and poet Deborah Foisy's privately pressed and distributed debut album.

Vinyl is manufactured limited to 1000 copies and has silver printed burgundy labels with boxed fat lettering company name at top -
Vinyl has the matrix information:
Side 1: 2871-A-RE-1
Side 2:: 2871-B-RE-1

Vinyl is housed in a thick and sturdy back pasted picture cover.

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels/ VG+(+) (Cover):

Vinyl is overall beautifully lustrous - has a single extremely superficial line on Side 1 and a few on Side 2... paired with an extremely little amount of sleeve inflicted wear. Nothing audible.
Labels has a less than a couple of handfuls simple spindletraces - mostly in the immediate surroundings of the centerring - only a single one goes beyond the centerring.

Side 1 vinyl is near mint - Side 2 is a nice VG+.

Cover is beautiful - perfect centers ´with a few mild wrinkles from spine - clean white with unsmothered black printing. Edges are intacty with very slight denting to opening edges - a gentle lower opening corner den which has only mild rubbing and a top spine corner - which is not tough but significantly more rubbed - all in all a simply very nice cover - graded close to near mint/excellent.


Side 1:
1. O Baby 0:40
2. Slender Wet Branches 2:55
3. Who Loses 3:15
4. Dead Men And Lovers 3:37
5. Rollspin 3:21
6. Under The Weather 3:00
7. Fly On The Nose 3:10

Side 2:
1. Just The Wind 2:40
2. Luckie 3:05
3. Bourbon Street Vision 2:35
4. I Am Hungry (How Are You) 2:35
5. Borderlines 2:45
6. Freedom 3:00
7. In Retrospect 2:25
8. Windblown Leaf 2:45

Words and music by Ferron
Manufactured by IRC Vancouver, Canada

Technical Credits:

Ferron - Producer
Rob Linschoten - Engineer


Judi Saltman - Illustration
Nena Boax - Photograph
Shelly Hamer - Design