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Jefferson Airplane - The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane - 1970 US Pressed RCA label 15-track LP

€ 27
ArtistJefferson Airplane
TitleThe Worst Of Jefferson Airplane - 1970 US Pressed RCA label 15-track LP
Price € 27
Record labelRCA
Catalogue noLSP-4459
Year of release1970
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listJefferson Airplane
Additional info1970 US 15-track LP - a compilation album released by the RCA label in a period where the San Francisco folk and psychedelic rock band-members where occupied with personal projects - centered upon the group's hit singles, with input from the band.
'The Worst Of Jefferson Airplane' features the Top 10 hits 'Somebody to Love' and "White Rabbit" from the 'Surrealistic Pillow' album... this is a great album to introduce oneself to the band's early, most psychedelic material.

1st pressings like this have custom labels emulating old 1920s vintage "Victor Orthophonic" 78 disc labels.

Vinyl is housed in an inner sleeve that is a reproduction of a 1918 vintage Victor Talking Machine Company sleeve - ultimately in a slightly texture gatefold picture cover which likewise is an authentic reproduction of a 1918 sleeve.

The interior of the gatefold sleeve features a nice, large color reproduction of the "His Master's Voice" 'Nipper' logo - the famous RCA Victor trademark.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Cover):

Vinyl is bright and shiny - hardly any signs of play or handling - perfect labels. Graded near mint overall.
Cover has perfect front and back centers - mint inner spread. Cover has a littletop edge denting... hardly any opening edge rubbing, just a touch of rubbing/denting to lower back panel opening corner... a simply superb cover - graded near mint.


Side 1:
1. It's No Secret (Marty Balin) 2:37
2. Blues From an Airplane (Marty Balin, Skip Spence) 2:10
3. Somebody to Love (Darby Slick) 2:54
4. Today (Marty Balin, Paul Kantner) 2:57
5. White Rabbit (Grace Slick) 2:27
6. Embryonic Journey (Jorma Kaukonen) 1:51
7. Martha (Paul Kantner) 3:21
8. The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil (Paul Kantner) 4:30

Side 2:
1. Crown of Creation (from Crown of Creation)(Paul Kantner) 2:53
2. Chushingura (from Crown of Creation)(Spencer Dryden) 1:17
3. Lather (from Crown of Creation) (Grace Slick) 2:55
4. Plastic Fantastic Lover (live; from Bless Its Pointed Little Head) Marty Balin) 3:39
5. Good Shepherd (from Volunteers)(traditional, arranged by Jorma Kaukonen) 5:50
7. Volunteers" (from Volunteers) (Marty Balin, Paul Kantner) 2:03

Side 1, Tracks 1, 2 are from 'Jefferson Airplane Takes Off' released September 1966, recorded on 3-tracks
Side 1, Tracks 3 - 6 are from 'Surrealistic Pillow' released February 1967, recorded on 4-tracks
Side 1, Tracks 7, 8 are from 'After Bathing at Baxters released November 1967, recorded on 8-tracks
Side 2, Tracks 1 - 3 are from 'Crown of Creation' released September 1968, recorded on 8-tracks
Side 2, Track 4 is from 'Bless Its Pointed Little Head' released February 1969, recorded live on 8-tracks
Side 2, Tracks 5 - 7 are from 'Volunteers' released November 1969, recorded on 16-tracks

Jefferson Airplane:
Marty Balin - vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick - vocals, piano, organ, recorder on all tracks except "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
Paul Kantner - vocals, rhythm guitar
Jorma Kaukonen - lead guitar, vocals
Jack Casady - bass
Spencer Dryden - drums, percussion on all tracks except "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
Signe Anderson - vocals on "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"
Skip Spence - drums on "It's No Secret" and "Blues from an Airplane"

Additional Musicians:
Gary Blackman - nose solo on "Lather"
Gene Twombly - sound effects on "Lather"
Nicky Hopkins - piano on "We Can Be Together" and "Volunteers"

Bill Thompson, Jefferson Airplane Pat Ieraci - Compilers

Alton Kelley, Wes Wilson - Album design