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Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow - 2011 European Fish People label 7-track 2LP set

€ 100
ArtistKate Bush
Title50 Words For Snow - 2011 European Fish People label 7-track 2LP set
Price € 100
Record labelFish People/Anti, Inc.
Catalogue noFPLP007
Year of release2011
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listKate Bush
Additional info2011 US Fish People/Anti, Inc. label 7-track 2LP set - Bush' haunting and gorgeous winter themed 10th album - a visit to Bush's peculiar otherworldly and magic realm - immersed in fantasies and mysteries populated by spirits, ghosts, angels, immortals and monsters - snowmen, frosty water and snowflake spirits, Yetis... all musically embedded in 'simple, unhurried piano parts, underscored by ambient synth pads, strings, and occasionally a touch of jazzy reeds, or Oriental-sounding twang.'*

Music is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and packed in black poly-lined inner sleeves - accompanied by full album CD and a superb 20-page 12" square booklet containing lyrics, pictures and credits - everything held in a glossy gatefold picture cover.

Condition: Still Factory Sealed:
Factory Sealed in its resealable sleeve - unopened and unhandled - new!


Side 1:
1.Snowflake 9:52
2. Lake Tahoe 11:08

Side 2:
3. Misty 13:32

Side 3:
4. Wild Man 7:17
5. Snowed in at Wheeler Street 8:05

Side 4:
6. 50 Words for Snow 8:31
7. Among Angels 6:49

All songs written and composed by Kate Bush

Orchestra sessions recorded at Abbey Road Studios

Vinyl is pressed by Optimal Media GmbH, Glienholzweg 7, 17207 Röbel / Müritz, Germany
Lacquer cutting and mastering at The Mastering Lab, 911 Bryant Place, Ojai, Ca., USA

Kate Bush - chorus vocals (Snowflake), bass (Snowflake), piano, vocals, backing vocals (Wild Man), keyboards (Wild Man, Snowed In At Wheeler Street, 50 Words For Snow)

Michael Wood (Lake Tahoe), Stefan Roberts (Lake Tahoe), Stephen Fry (as Prof. Joseph Yupik - 50 Words For Snow), Albert McIntosh (Snowflake), Andy Fairweather Low (Wild Man), Elton John (Snowed In At Wheeler Street) - Vocals

Dan McIntosh - guitar (Snowflake, Misty, Wild Man, Snowed In At Wheeler Street, 50 Words For Snow)
Danny Thompson - bass (Misty)
Del Palmer - bass (Snowflake), bells (Wild Man)
John Giblin - bass (Wild Man, Snowed In At Wheeler Street, 50 Words For Snow)
Steve Gadd - drums
Jonathan Tunick - Conductor, Orchestration, Arrangements

Kate Bush - Production
Del Palmer - Recording Engineer
Stephen W. Tayler - Additional recording, Mix
Simon Rhodes - Recording Engineer [Orchestral Sessions]
Chris Bolster, John Barrett - Assistant Recording Engineer [Orchestral Sessions]
Stanley Gabriel - Assistant mix
Jim Jones, Robert Houston, Patrick Phillips and Kris Burton - Additional assistant Mix
Doug Sax and James Guthrie - Mastering
Eric Boulanger - Assistant Mastering
Jonathan Tunick - Orchestral arrangements

Kate Bush, Peacock - Visual Concepts & Direction
Robert Allsop - Illustration
Trevor Leighton - Photography
Michaela Letang, Ollie Warren - Assistant Photographer
Ogura Takahiro - Artwork/Key Sculptor
Robert Allsop & Associates - Artwork/Model Making
Anne Cartwright, Chris Jack, Fred Roisin, John Eldred Tooby, Max Payne, Simon Warren, Tamzine Hanks - Artwork/Mould Technicians

Various Credits:
Hazel Pethig - Costume
Mirek Holak - Model For 'among Angels'
Victoria Burton - On Set Snow Stand-by