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Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune - 2012 UK Vinyl Factory Label Limited Numbered Edition Deluxe 4LP Box Set

€ 275
TitleLe Voyage Dans La Lune - 2012 UK Vinyl Factory Label Limited Numbered Edition Deluxe 4LP Box Set
Price € 275
GenrePop & Electronic
FormatLP Box
Record labelThe Vinyl Factory
Catalogue noVF043
Year of release2012
GradingVG++ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels)/3xM- (Record 2 Vinyl and Labels)/4xM- (Covers)/2xM- (Prints)/VG++ (Box)
Stock listAir
Additional inforare original 2012 UK Virgin Records & The Vinyl Factory label limited, numbered edition 11-track 12" box - the the deluxe version of moon struck Versailles electronic dus soundtrack for the 2011 restored version of French illusionist and film director Georges Méliès surreal 1902 science fiction movie - "widely considered one of the most important works in film history, and the very first to use science fiction as its theme, incorporating special effects that were very state-of-the art at the turn of the 19th century.'
'Expanding the original musical themes beyond cinematic instrumentals, the album also features the vocal talents of Au Revoir Simone and Victoria Legrand (Beach House).'*

The work is spread over four heavyweight 45 rpm 12"'s especially mastered for vinyl and is presented as a rigid 180 gram vinyl pressed on the EMI 1400 machine in the Hayes, Middlesex, pressing plant.
Vinyls are manufactured with Side 1 picture labels - featuring a coulour print of the iconic image of the Man in the Moon with a rocket in his eye - Side 2 tracklisting labels has white top air logo and perimeter print - gold center print.
Vinyls are housed in polylined and die cut, jet black sleeves and covers each featuring exclusive artwork of the hand-painted coloured still frames taken from the film - all with screen printed UV finish.

Vinyls are accompanied by exclusive art print of 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' moon image taken from the hand-painted coloured still film frame as well as a high quality 'Air' and 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' print - hand numbered and individually signed by Nicholas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel - this copy is number 41 of 300 manufactured.

Featured in the box is the original colour version of the film in its 2011 restored version - manufactured from the sole existing copy discovered in Spain in 1993 - presended as a picture disc DVD in a 5" square picture card pochette.

Everything is placed in a two piece cloth-bound and textured featuring the Air logo in gold-foil on front - very nice.

Condition: VG++ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels)/3xM- (Record 2 Vinyl and Labels)/4xM- (Covers)/2xM- (Prints)/VG++ (Box):
Vinyls are overall deliciously bright and shiny ? one side has a single faint sleeve scuff? might just as well stem from manufacturing. Labels are mint.
Inner sleeves are mint, covers are mint.
Box has hardly any signs of handling or storage ? exceptionally close to mint - a simply gorgeaous copy.


Side 1:
1. Astronomic Club 3:12

Side 2:
1. Seven Stars (Victoria Legrand - Air) 4:22

Side 3:
1. Retour Sur Terre 0:45
2. Parade 2:31

Side 4:
1. Moon Fever 3:50

Side 5:
1. Sonic Armada 5:06

Side 6:
1. Who Am I Now? (Annie Hart, Erika Forster, Heather D'Angelo - Brian Reitzell) 3:03
2. Décollage 1:39

Side 7:
1. Cosmic Trip 4:10

Side 8:
1. Homme Lune 0:27
2. Lava 3:03

1. Le Voyage Dans La Lune 16:40

All tracks written and composed by Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Nicolas Godin except where mentioned
Pressed by The Vinyl Factory


Nicolas Godin - Timpani, Guitar, Synthesizer, Harpsichord (Astronomic Club), Bass (Seven Stars, Parade, Sonic Armada, Cosmic Trip, Homme Lune, Lava), Piano (Retour Sur Terre, Moon Fever, Décollage), Vocals (Retour Sur Terre), Mellotron (Parade), Electric Sitar (Sonic Armada), Percussion (Who Am I Now?), Banjo (Lava), Electric Guitar (Lava)
Jean-Benoît Dunckel - Mellotron (Astronomic Club, Parade, Sonic Armada, Who Am I Now?, Lava), Wurlitzer Electric Piano (Astronomic Club, Cosmic Trip, Homme Lune), Piano (Who Am I Now?, Cosmic Trip, Homme Lune, Lava), Synthesizer (Seven Stars, Parade, Moon Fever, Sonic Armada, Cosmic Trip, Homme Lune, Lava), Solina Synthesizer (Who Am I Now?), Vocals (Parade, Cosmic Trip, Homme Lune, Lava), Organ Bass (Who Am I Now?), Vibraphone (Who Am I Now?, Lava), Timpani (Décollage), Drums (Décollage, Lava), Percussion (Décollage)
Victoria Legrand (Seven Stars), Au Revoir Simone (Who Am I Now?) - Vocals
Vincent Taeger (Astronomic Club, Seven Stars, Parade, Cosmic Trip), Alex Thomas (Sonic Armada) - Drums
Isabelle Vuarnesson - Cello (Astronomic Club)

Technical Credits:
Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoît Dunckel - Production
Louis Arlette ? Recording engineer
Stéphane "Alf" Briat - mix
Chab/Antoine Chabert - Mastering

Georges Méliès ? artwork
Laurent Pinon - Design

DVD Credits:
Georges Méliès - Film Director