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Birgit Lystager - Birgit Lystager - Original 1970 German Pressed RCA-Victor label 12-track LP

€ 47
ArtistBirgit Lystager
TitleBirgit Lystager - Original 1970 German Pressed RCA-Victor label 12-track LP
Price € 47
Record labelRCA
Catalogue noLSPD 6802
Year of release1970
GradingVG (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listBirgit Lystager
Additional infoRare 1970 German pressed RCA Victor label 12-track vinyl LP - Danish singers 2nd album -recorded with Allan Botschinsky, Bjarne Rostvold, Ray Pitts a.o.

Birgit Lystagers voice has been compared to as varied artists as Astrud Gilberto, Karen Carpenter & Joni Mitchell - on this album her sweet and lush voice interprets danish pop tunes from around 1970 with a definite jazz and latin leaning.

Condition: VG+ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover):
Vinyl is bright and shiny and has a few light and inaudible surface suffs and marks combined with some degree of sleeve wear... a single mark inflicts 3 - 4 far from tough clicks in the beginning of Side 1... otherwise remarable nice sounding with superb dynamics and crystal clear sound.
Labels are nice wit hardly any spindle inflicted wear.

Cover has a some light wrinkles from edges - all from milder cover bends - a singles one stretches along top spine and cover has a few along front and back opening as well.

Seams are intact - top seam with just a touch of wear - lower seam with more light but continous wear - spine is slightly rubbed along the pinched top and bottom areas. A light mid-bend has obliterated the 't' in 'Lystager' leaving 's' and 'a' slightly worn. Spine print is otherwise nice and easily readable.

Opening edges are lightly dented and rubbed, spine corners just lightly rubbed - all in all a series of not so tough imperfections - cover is easily enjoyable and graded VG+.


Side 1:
1. Vores eget lille sted
2. Manden på Hoejen
3. Naer ved dig
4. Jeg Venter paa et vink
5. Birger
6. Gaa Din Vej

Side 2:
1. Christina
2. Paa regnbuevej
3. Aldrig Bli' Forelsket Mer
4. Saa har vi hinanden
5. Vis Mig En Vej
6. Smilende Susie

Recorded at Metronome studio november 1970

Pressed by TELDEC »Telefunken-Decca« Schallplatten GmbH, Heussweg 25, 2000 Hamburg 19, West Germany

Birgit Lystager - Vocals
Mads Vinding - Bass (tracks: A1, A2, A5, B6),

Allan Botschinsky's Orkester: Vores Eget Lille Sted (Pretty World), Manden På Højen (Fool On The Hill), Nær Ved Dig (They Long To Be Close To You), Birger (Sunny):
Ole Molin - Guitar
Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Bass
Bjarne Rostvold - Drums
Ole Kock Hansen - Organ, Piano
Ray Pitts - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Allan Botschinsky - Flugelhorn
Perry Knudsen - Trumpet
?? - Strings

Steen Holkenov's Orkester: Christina (Tristeza), På Regnbuevej (Make It With You), Vis Mig En Vej (Sometimes), Gå Din Vej (Wight Is Wight):
Ole Ousen, Lars Blach - Guitar
Mads Vinding - Bass
Kurt Riedel - Drums
Steen Holkenov - Piano

Sven-Olof Waldorff's Orkester: Saa har vi hinanden.

Merit Hemmingson's Kor & Orkester: Smilende Susie (Pretty Belinda), Jeg Venter På Et Vink (Gimme Little Sign).

Vidar Alsterberg's Orkester: Aldrig Bli' Forelsket Mer

Technical Credits:
Leif Risell - Production
Birger Svan - Engineer
Steen Holkenov, Allan Botschinsky - Arrangements