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Blast Furnace - Blast Furnace - 2017 Danish Polydor/Universal Music label 11-track LP Reissue

€ 27
ArtistBlast Furnace
TitleBlast Furnace - 2017 Danish Polydor/Universal Music label 11-track LP Reissue
Price € 27
GenreRock & Jazz
Record labelPolydor Records/ Universal Music Denmark
Catalogue noUNI 573 538 1 / 0602557353815
Year of release2017
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listBlast Furnace
Additional info2017 Danish Polydor/Universal Music label 11-track LP - a reissue of Dabish progressive jazz and rock combos sole album - featuring members of Pan, Burnin Red Ivanhoe and C.M. Musictrain and a later incarnation of Culpepers Orchard.

Dag Asbjørnson reviewed the album in his book ' Scented Gardens Of The Mind': "The album had 11 disciplined tracks with tough vocals and razor-sharp instrumental breaks balanced between electric guitar, Hammond organ and flute. This is one of the best Danish albums."*

Manufactured as an exact repro of the original - from the labels to the cover. Manufactured to collide with Record Store Day 2017 - picture cover.

Condition: Still Factory Sealed/New:
This album stems directly from the labels and is unused and new.


Side 1:
1. First and last (Arne Würgler - Tom McEwan)
2. Ginger cake (Niels Vangkilde - Tom McEwan)
3. Jaywalker (Arne Würgler - Tom McEwan)
4. B-Major blast (Arne Würgler)
5. This time of year (Ole Kjær - Arne Würgler - Ken Tindall)

Side 2:
1. Toytown (Tom McEwan - Tom McEwan)
2. Man bites dog (Tom McEwan)
3. Long distance (Niels Vangkilde - Tom McEwan)
4. Goodbye Mr. Bobo (Thor Backhausen - Tom McEwan)
5. Dr. Night (Thor Backhausen - John McEwan)
6. Bye bye Bobo (Thor Backhausen - Tom McEwan)

Recorded october 1971 at Roseberg Studios, Copenhagen

Niels Vangkilde - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bass, Acoustic Guitar - Arne Würgler
Tom McEwan - Drums, Congas, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Arne Würgler - Lead and backing vocals
Thor Backhausen - Organ, Piano, Flute

Anne-Lise Rosberg - Backing Vocals (First and Last, Toytown, Jaywalker)

Technical Credits:
Blast Furnace - Arrangements, Production
Freddy Hanson - Production, Engineering
Casper - Production

Blast Furnace - Lay Out
Niels Vangkilde - Back Cover Lay Out
Jan Persson - Front and Back Cover Photography
Palle Emdahl, Michael Botfeldt - Back Photography