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Gorillaz - Gorillaz - Original 2000 European Parlophone label 16-track 2LP Set

€ 55
TitleGorillaz - Original 2000 European Parlophone label 16-track 2LP Set
Price € 55
GenreRock & Pop & Electronic & Hip Hop
Record labelParlophone Records/EMI Records
Catalogue no7243 531138 1 0
Year of release2001
Grading2xVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/2xVG++ (Inner Sleeves)/VG++ (Cover)
Stock listGorillaz
Additional infoScarce 2001 European Parlophone label 15-track 2LP set - the debut album by eccentric, cheeky and playful postmodern amalgam of style, expression and genre melting virtual and non-virtual British band vocalist, evolving around instrumentalist, and principal songwriter Damon Albarn... the guy from Blur and The Good, the Bad & the Queen, as well as comic book artist and designer Jamie Hewlett - Featuring the singles 'Clint Eastwood', '19-2000', 'Rock the House' and 'Tomorrow Comes Today'.

Vinyl has camouflage graphics labels with top red 'spray paint' style band name and otherwise white printing.
Machine stamped (ms) and hand etched (he) matrix information:
Side 1: 5311381 1A1 T.B. @ Townhouse (he)
Side 2: 5311381 1B1
Side 3: 5311381 1C1
Side 4: 5311381 1D1
Suggesting that this album was mastered by Tim Burrell at Town House in London and subsequently pressed by the former Sony/CBS pressing plant in Haarlem, Netherlands - nowadays owned by The Record Industry.

Vinyl is housed in illustrated/cartoon card inner sleeves - ultimately in a gatefold picture cover without a specific UK catalogue number on lower left back, but with 'UK' and boxed EMI logo as part of the integrated barcode/info area - along with the matrix information signaling that this is the original 1st issue - mastered and pressed exactly as the UK distributed issue - but intended for broader European distribution. This is as such not the 2015 reissue.

Condition: 2xVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/2xM- (Inner Sleeves)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl has hardly any signs of play or handling - perfect labels.
Inner sleeves have a single slight wrinkle or two - nothing major and with sharp edges and corners - straight close to mint.
Cover has a very minor lower spine corner dent and is otherwise extremely close to mint - overall just graded plain close to mint - a simply way above standard condition and very attractive copy.


Side 1:
1. Re-Hash 3:37
2. 5/4 2:39
3. Tomorrow Comes Today 3:12
4. New Genious (Brother) (Damon Albarn, Odetta Gordon) 3:57

Side 2:
5. Clint Eastwood (Damon Albarn, Teren Jones) 5:39
6. Man Research (Clapper) 4:32
7. Punk 1:36
8. Sound Check (Gravity) 4:40

Side 3:
9. Double Bass 4:44
10. Rock the House (Damon Albarn, Teren Jones, Dan Nakamura, John Dankworth) 4:08
11. 19-2000 3:27
12. Latin Simone (¿Qué Pasa Contigo?) (Damon Albarn, Ibrahim Ferrer, Lázaro Villa) 3:36

Side 4:
13. Starshine 3:31
14. Slow Country 3:35
15. M1 A1 (Damon Albarn, John Harrison) 3:54
16. Clint Eastwood (Ed Case and Sweetie Irie refix) (Damon Albarn, Teren Jones) 4:28

All songs written and composed by Damon Albarn unless otherwise noted

Recorded 1998 ? 2000 at Studio 13 (London, England) and at Geejam Studios (Portland, Jamaica)
Pressed by The Record Industry, Haarlem, Netherlands

Damon Albarn - vocals, keyboards, melodica, guitars, bass guitar on Punk", drum programming
Junior Dan - bass guitar
Jason Cox - production, engineering, drums, drum programming
Dan the Automator - production, sampled loops, drum programming, additional synthesizers
Chris Frantz- additional percussion on "19-2000"
Dave Rowntree - drums on "Punk" and "M1 A1" (uncredited)
Tom Girling - Pro Tools, drum programming
Kid Koala - turntables
Del the Funky Homosapien - rapping on "Clint Eastwood" and "Rock the House"
Ibrahim Ferrer - vocals on "Latin Simone (¿Que Pasa Contigo?)"
Miho Hatori - additional vocals
Tina Weymouth - additional vocals on "19-2000"

Technical Credits:
Jason Cox, Dan the Automator, Gorillaz - Production
Tom Girling - production, engineering
Toby Whelan - engineering

Zombie Flesh Eater, Jamie Hewlett - artwork
Jow, Ed Reeve - photography

Sample credits:

"New Genious (Brother)" contains samples of "Hit or Miss", written by Odetta Gordon and performed by Bo Diddley.
"Man Research (Clapper)" contains samples of "In the Hall of the Mountain Queen" written and performed by Raymond Scott.
"Rock the House" contains samples of "Modesty Blaise", written and performed by John Dankworth.
"Slow Country" contains samples of "Ghost Town" written by Jerry Dammers and performed by The Specials.
"M1 A1" contains samples of music from the film Day of the Dead, written by John Harrison.
"Left Hand Suzuki Method" contains samples of "Mannish Boy", written by Mel London, Ellas McDaniel and McKinley Morganfield, and performed by Muddy Waters.