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Velvet Volume - Look Look Look! - 2017 Danish Mermaid label 12-track LP - Autographed

€ 27
ArtistVelvet Volume
TitleLook Look Look! - 2017 Danish Mermaid label 12-track LP - Autographed
Price € 27
Record labelMermaid Records
Catalogue no88985489781
Year of release2017
Stock listVelvet Volume
Additional info2017 Danish Mermaid label 12-track LP - the debut outting by energetic, hard rockin' Aarhus based sister trio - polished up by D.A.D. and Tim Christensen producer Nick Foss..

Vinyl is housed in a black polylined die cut inner sleeve - accompanied by 11,5" square superbly illustrated lyric booklet - ultimately kept in a picture cover - autographed on front buy the girlz on the date of release.

Condition: New - Perfect.
New and unused - opened to be autographed - otherwise unused.


Side 1:
1. Intro
2. Fire
3. Look Look Look!
4. Leap Into Heaven
5. Runnin? Wild
6. Drunkenly Haze
7. C?mon
8. I Think I Need You
9. Hurtful
10. Pretty In Black
11. We Just Wanna Get Along
12. Honey


Velvet Volume:
Noa Lachmi ? guitar, vocals
Naomi Lachmi - bass, vocals
Nataja Lachmi - drums

Produced by Nick Foss