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The United States Of America - The United States Of America - Original 1967 UK CBS label 10-track LP

€ 100
ArtistThe United States Of America
TitleThe United States Of America - Original 1967 UK CBS label 10-track LP
Price € 100
Record labelCBS Records
Catalogue noS 63340
Year of release1968
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+(+) (Cover)
Stock listThe United States Of America
Additional infoRare original 1968 UK CBS label 10-track LP - the sole album by San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, formed and based innovative and influential political, psychedelic and experimental rock combo rotating around the thoughts of composer, musician and academic, Joseph Byrd - who's aesthetic aims were to form "an avant-garde political/musical rock group with the idea of combining electronic sound (not electronic music)... musical/political radicalism... [and] performance art."*

The album was later described by rock critic Richie Unterberger as "a near classic", "a tour de force (though not without its flaws) of experimental rock that blended surprisingly melodic sensibilities with unnerving blasts of primitive synthesizers and lyrics that could range from misty romanticism to hard-edged irony. For the relatively few who heard it, the record was a signpost to the future with its collision of rock and classical elements, although the material crackled with a tension that reflected the United States of America itself in the late '60s."**

'The United States Of America' album spawned two singles: The UK only single "The Garden of Earthly Delights" and "Hard Coming Love."

Vinyl has the generic orange and black printed company labels with centered camera eye logo. Vinyl has the broad smooth perimeter and the rough/textured center labels - rarely seen from 1968 and forwards.
Labels has the S prefix - with lower mid SBPG notation - 33 1/3 turntable speed text. This places this LP after february 1968.

Vinyl has hand-etched curved matrix information:
Side 1: SBPG 63340 A1, mother/stamper 1 ?
Side 2: SBPG 63340 B1, mother/stamper 1 ? (a letter between S and B in the prefix has been x'et out)

Judging from the rarity of the album and the label style one must assume that the stamper id would indicate a low volume stamper - probably an A stamper - the '-1' matrix endings and '1' mother suggests an album manufactured from the first mastering and the first mother - a first pressing.

Vinyl is held in a West Brothers Printers Ltd. one-piece cover laminated on front and over the spine - and with intact black and white stereo sticker on upper back.

Condition: VG++ (Vinyl)/VG++ (Labels)/VG++ (Cover):
Vinyl is supershiny - almost without signs of handling or play - close to mint.
Side 1 label is clean and perfect - Side 2 label has a single - meybe two - light and superficial spindletraces - hence the overall near perfect vinyl grading - VG++.

Cover is extremely nice - high gloss andlittle signs of handling - a single thumbnail wrinkle along opening and a little top spine corner wrinkling from a not so tough corner dent. Lower opening corner has a very mild dent inflicting a very small area of laminate lift.

Cover has a single little and light wrinkle from spine - otherwise hardly any signs of wear or handling - faint lower corners rubbing - perfect seams, a remarkable clean back - overall a simply very attractive cover - graded close to near mint - a superb copy.


Side 1:
1. The American Metaphysical Circus (Joseph Byrd) 4:56
2. Hard Coming Love 4:41
3. Cloud Song 3:18
4. The Garden of Earthly Delights 2:39
5. I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar 3:51

Side 2:
1. Where Is Yesterday (Gordon Marron, Ed Bogas, Moskowitz) 3:08
2. Coming Down 2:37
3. Love Song for the Dead Ché (Joseph Byrd) 3:25
4. Stranded in Time (Gordon Marron, Ed Bogas) 1:49
5. The American Way of Love
a. Metaphor for an Older Man (Joseph Byrd)
b. California Good time Music (Joseph Byrd)
c. Love Is All (Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz, Rand Forbes, Craig Woodson, Gordon Marron)

Written and composed by Joseph Byrd and Dorothy Moskowitz unless otherwise noted

Recorded December 7 to 23, 1967
Pressed by CBS Pressing Plant, Aston Clinton, UK


The United Stated Of America:
Joseph Byrd - electronic music, electric harpsichord, organ, calliope, piano, vocals
Dorothy Moskowitz - lead vocals
Gordon Marron - electric violin, ring modulator, vocals (on "Where is Yesterday" and "Stranded in Time")
Rand Forbes - electric bass
Craig Woodson - electric drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Ed Bogas - occasional organ, piano, calliope

Technical Credits:
Glen Kolotkin, Arthur Kendy - remix
Richard Durrett - instrument design engineer
David Diller - engineer
David Rubinson - production

Gary Margolis - Cover Photography
Sgt. William Kirby - Cover Photography

*Holm-Hudson, Kevin (2002). Progressive Rock Reconsidered. Taylor & Francis. pp. 48?61. ISBN 0-8153-3714-0.
**Unterberger, Richie. "The United States of America",