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D.A.D. (Disneyland After Dark) - No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims - Rare 1989 Duch CBS Harlem Plant 12-track Testpressing LP

€ 100
ArtistD.A.D. (Disneyland After Dark)
TitleNo Fuel Left For The Pilgrims - Rare 1989 Duch CBS Harlem Plant 12-track Testpressing LP
Price € 100
Record labelMedley Records
Catalogue noMdLP 6329 08-24620-20-1A-1/-1B-1 (Matrix Information)
Year of release1989
GradingVG+ (Vinyl and Labels)/-
Stock listD.A.D. (Disneyland After Dark)
Additional infoRare authentic 1989 Dutch CBS pressing plant manufactured 12-track testpressing LP of Danish hardrockers 3rd album and commercial breakthrough into the hardrock mainstream - also outside of Denmark - spawning the singles "Sleeping My Day Away", "Point of View", "Jihad (No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims)" and "Girl Nation".

Vinyl is manufactured for the Danish Medley label and have generic plain white testpressing labels and can only be identified from the machine stamped matrix information:
Side 1: MDLP-6329 08-24620-20-1A-1 A
Side 2: MDLP-6329 08-24620-20-1B-1 A

The matrix pattern suggests that this testpressing was manufactured by CBS International Manufacturing and Service Center in Haarlem, The Netherlands. "08" hints at vinyl manufactured in the Netherlands for non-CBS Records labels, "24620" is a job-number assigned by the pressing plant as the catalogue number is stanped before the matrix number. "20" is the format code for a 12" single or LP.
-1A/B manifests mastering and side numbering - the following "-1" identifies the stamper - as you should expect with a testpressing, this copy is as such manufactured from the 1st set of master matrices, the first set of stampers.
Test pressing LP's are normally manufactured for test purposes only - simply to check the sound inherent in the stampers produced from the master.
Testpressings are normally send to the label and mastering facility and to the artist - sometimes to select reviewers or magazines with a longer production period. Only a very few of these are manufactured and very seldom offered for sale.

Vinyl is placed in a polylined sleeve with handwritten catalogue number.

This copy was bought in connection to a major renovation of the studios in the late 00's - authenticity is beyond any doubt.

Condition: VG+ (Vinyl and Labels)/-:
Vinyl is overall bright and lustrous - has a few light and inaudible surface scuffs paired with a ligh degree of light and fine sleeve inflicted wear.

Labels have a couple of simple and light spinetraces - vinyl itself is VG+, labels are near mint.


Side 1:
1 Sleeping My Day Away 4:20
2 Jihad 2:53
3 Point Of View 3:53
4 Rim Of Hell 4:26
5 ZCMI 2:44
6 True Believer 2:21

Side 2:
1 Girl Nation 3:37
2 Lords Of The Atlas 3:22
3 Overmuch 3:47
4 Siamese Twin 3:41
5 Wild Talk 4:03
6 Ill Will 2:03

Written and composed by Disneyland After Dark
Recorded and mixed at Medley Studios, Copenhagen V, Denmark
Manufactured by CBS International Manufacturing and Service Center, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Jesper Binzer - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jacob A. Binzer - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stig Pedersen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Peter L. Jensen - Drums

Technical Credits:
D-A-D - Production, Mix, Arrangements
Nick Foss - Production, Mix
Lars Overgaard - Co-production, Engineer, Mix
Poul Bruun - Executive-Producer, Mix
Axel Strandberg, Jeremy Allom, John Kronholm, Oli Poulsen, Rene Cambony, Thomas Brecklin - Additional engineers
Michael Ritto - Executive-Producer