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Patto - Patto - 1970 UK Vertigo Label 1st Pressing 8-track LP - 'Swirl' Labels

€ 350
TitlePatto - 1970 UK Vertigo Label 1st Pressing 8-track LP - 'Swirl' Labels
Price € 350
Record labelVertigo Records
Catalogue no6360 016
Year of release1970
GradingVG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (cover)
Stock listPatto
Additional infoRare 1970 UK Vertigo Records 8-track LP - the debut album by excellent British progressive jazz-rock combo - labelled "... among the finest jazz-rock fusion albums ever cut by a British band' by critic Dave Thompson.

Vinyl has the Side 1 full 'Swirl' logo label and the Side 2 label with large 'Swirl' logo only above centre hole and outline company name at bottom label - stressing that this is the original 1st issue.

Vinyl has machine stamped matrix info:
Side 1: 6360016 1Y//2V420, mother/stamper: 1 1 3
Side 2: 6360016 2Y//3V420, mother/stamper: 1 1 6
- verifying that this copy stems from the 1st master used - the 2nd for Side 1, the 3rd for Side 2 - first fathers and mothers - very early stampers.

Vinyl is housed in a spiral inner sleeve with 'Plastic Bags' box warning and '1070 41' text - finally housed in a heavily textured Howards Printers gatefold picture cover.

Condition: VG+(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Cover ):

Vinyl still retains its original shine, and has some light and inaudible surface marks of which none are needle inflicted - cover is at least close to near perfect/excellent.

Labels displays between a single or a couple of handfuls light and only very slightly scattered spindletraces - this looks like a copy which has been played - but far from excessively and handled well when so. Labels are graded near mint.

Cover has a 1,5" x 1" sticker tear in upper left front corner - otherwise only a left front area of rubbing.

This cover is highly susceptible to smaller or tiny tearlike spots which is a result of the cover finish' ability to interact and glue to the adjacent cover or to attract smudging. Most copies found has a varying degree of this - from just a few tiny to very small spots. This copy has just a very few tiny to very small spots including in inner spread... which otherwise is mint.

Seams are intact, but with a little discontinued wear to lower seams - less to top seams. Spine is nice and has almost no spineedge rubbing - opening has only extremely faint rubbing.
Top corners has almost no wear - lower corners just a little.

Cover is overall very nice though and the great artwork easily enjoyable - cover is graded straight VG+.

This is not a copy for the very discerning collector - but a fine copy for anybody into the sound of the era or into getting great vinyl in a decent cover at a price which is far less than a near mint to mint copy would fetch.


Side 1:
1. The Man 6:12
2. Hold Me Back 4:40
3. Time To Die 2:54
4. Red Glow 5:15

Side 2:
1. San Antone 3:07
2. Government Man 4:20
3. Money Bag 10:04
4. Sittin' Back Easy 3:42

Side 1 written by Patto, Side 2 by Ollie Halsall & Mike Patto

Mike Patto - vocals
John Halsey - drums
Ollie Halsall - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, vibraphone
Clive Griffiths - bass

Technical Credits:
Muff Winwood - Production
Brian Humphries - Engineering

Allen Melina - Photographs
Tonyon - Illustration