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Martin Hall - Cronhammer Index - 2017 Danish Nordsøe label Deluxe Art Edition LP Box - Limited and numbered

€ 200
ArtistMartin Hall
TitleCronhammer Index - 2017 Danish Nordsøe label Deluxe Art Edition LP Box - Limited and numbered
Price € 200
GenreElectronic & Classical
FormatLP Box
Record labelNordsø Records
Catalogue noNR 17 12 00 027
Year of release2017
GradingStill Factory Sealed/New
Stock listMartin Hall
Additional infoSuperb 2017 Danish Nordsø label 2P Box set featuring Danish poet and writer, composer and musician Martin Halls music for sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar breathtaking and monumental works: the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR?s, show on the strangely futuristic, firespewing, spherical steel cap, Elia, which was inaugurated 2001 just outside Herning, where Cronhammar is residing; The 2006 "Racing Cars - The Art Dimension" exhibition at ARoS, and culminating with the amazing 2015 underground installiation "H" at Cisternerne, Søndermarken, Frederiksberg. The 2LP set also comprises Martin Halls piece, Design - written for Cronhammars new, retrospective exhibition at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art.

Vinyls are manufactured by the Nordsø production team, which as always sets new standards for pressing vinyl as well as for the presentation of the format - this one is without a doubt a new benchmark when it comes to packaging: The slightly more than 1,5 hours of music are housed in black sleeves manufactured from high quality stock - matt black spot lacquered and slightly sturdy. Vinyls are accompanied by 48-page linen-clad 12,6" square hardbound book featuring extensive liner notes in Danish by music journalist and writer Jan Poulsen as well as musical credits - the vast majority however is superb, comprehensive photos of Cronhammars works by Christina Capetillo and Flemming Hansen.

Vinyls and book are kept in a slightly more than 13" square x 1,3" deep linen-clad 2-piece box with the top lid featuring the same design as inner sleeves and front booklet - black on black spot lacquered lettering..
Exclusive for the box-set is a set of Ingvar Cronhammars newly designed futuristic cutlery - solely commercially availiable with this box set and with engravings of both artists names - placed in blistering black hard-styrofoam in the lower compartment of the box - somber, stylish and lavish to say the least.
The Box set is limited to 300 numbered copies.


Side 1:
1. Elia (23.14)

Side 2:
1. Racing Cars (24.35)

Side 3:
1. H (24.00)

Side 4:
1. Design (19.47)

Pressed by Nordsø Records, Nordsøvej 8, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark
Printed by Eks-Skolens Trykkeri


Martin Hall - Grand Piano
The Vista Dome Ensemble - Orchestra

Racing Cars:
Martin Hall - Keyboards, Grand Piano, Tape, Electronics, Strings
Michael Morelli - Countertenor Vocals
The Vista Dome Ensemble - Orchestra

Martin Hall - Electronics, Piano, Sounds, Tape
Konsort - Choir
Lydenskab - Ensemble
Daniel Ostersen, Maiken Kildegaard - Vocals
Den Jyske Sangskole, Mads Bille - Vocals
The Vista Dome Ensemble - Strings

Martin Hall - Keyboards, Tape, Electronics
Christian Skeel - Keyboards
The Vista Dome Ensemble - Orchestra

Jan Poulsen - Liner Notes
Christina Capetillo, Flemming Hansen, Uffe Kjær - Photography