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Mogwai - Young Team - 2008 UK Chemikal Underground label Deluxe Limited Edition 4LP Box

€ 200
TitleYoung Team - 2008 UK Chemikal Underground label Deluxe Limited Edition 4LP Box
Price € 200
FormatLP Box
Record labelChemikal Underground Records
Catalogue noChem106
Year of release2008
Grading4xM- (Vinyl and Labels)/4xVG++ - M- (Inner Sleeves)/VG++ (Box)
Stock listMogwai
Additional infoRare 2008 Chemikal Underground label 19-track 4LP Box - a deluxe limited edition re-release of Glasgow postrock quintets superb volume and dissonance driven debut album - remastered and including an additional album containing rare tracks from the recording sessions as well as live recordings - incl. the previously unreleased "Young Face Gone Wrong".

Vinyls are manufactured with red labels - black Mogwai signs and catalogue number, white side numbering - held in custom picture inner sleeves - and includes original issue artwork - ultimately housed in a glossy, hard card 2-piece box - limited to 2000 copies only.

Condition: 4xM- (Vinyl and Labels)/4xVG++ - M- (Inner Sleeves)/VG++ (Box):

Vinyl are bright and shiny - completely without any signs of play or handling - perfect. Labels are likewise mint.
The inner sleeves for 'Young Team' are mint - the inners for 'Appendix' are extremely close to - only very, very marginal signs of handling.
Box has only a touch of superficial creasing and faint superficial wear affecting the shine of the box? easily graded near mint.


Young Team (Remastered):

Side 1:
1. Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home 5:57
2. Like Herod 11:41

Side 2:
1. Katrien 5:24
2. Radar Maker 1:35
3. Tracy 7:19

Side 3:
1. Summer (Priority Version) 3:28
2. With Portfolio 3:10
3. R U Still in 2 It 7:20

Side 4:
1. A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters 2:18
2. Mogwai Fear Satan 16:19

Young Team (Appendix):

Side 5:
1. Young Face Gone Wrong (outtake) 2:58
2. I Don't Know What to Say (outtake) 1:15
3. I Can't Remember 3:14
4. Honey 4:18

Side 6:
1. Katrien (Live) 5:31
2. R U Still in 2 It (Live) 8:01

Side 7:
1. Like Herod (Live) 7:53
2. Summer (Priority) (Live) 2:59

Side 8:
1. Mogwai Fear Satan (Live) 10:26

'Young Team' is recorded summer 1997, at MCM Studios , Hamilton, Scotland
The 'Appendix' is recorded at various studios and venues:
'Young Face Gone Wrong' and 'I Don't Know What to Say' are recorded at recorded at MCM Studios , Hamilton, Scotland. 'Young Face' is previously unreleased, 'I Don?t Know' was originally released on NME's 'Radio 1 Sound City' CD 1998.
'I Can't Remember' recorded December 1997 at Apollo Studios Glasgow, Scotland - originally released on 'Glasgow EP' compilation 7 on 'Plastic Cowboy' label 1998.
'Honey' was recorded at Chem19 Studios, Hamilton. 'Honey' is a cover version - originally released on 'A Tribute To Spacemen 3' CD on 'Rocket Girl' label 1998.
'Katrien' was recorded live at Lounge AX, Chicago, 15.10.97
'R U Still in 2 It' was recorded live for The Mary-Anne Hobbs Show, BBC Radio 1, 28.10.97
'Like Herod' was recorded live at T In The Park, Strathclyde Country Park, 1997
'Summer (Priority)' was recorded live for WNYU, New York City, 1997
'Mogwai Fear Satan? was recorded live at Chemikal Undergound's 5th birthday party, Glasgow, 12.03.00
Vinyl is pressed by MPO, Averton and Villaines La Juhel, France


Stuart Braithwaite/ pLasmatroN - guitar, glockenspiel
Dominic Aitchison/ DEMONIC - bass guitar
Martin Bulloch/bionic - drums
John Cummings/Cpt. Meat - guitar
Brendan O'Hare/+the relic+ - piano, guitar

Additional musicians
Barry Burns - backmasked monologue on "Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home"
Mari Myren - monologue on "Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home"
Aidan Moffat - Voice
Shona Brown - flute

Technical Credits:
Paul Savage - production, recording engineer (MCM Studios, Chem19 Studios), mix (With Portfolio)
Andy Miller - production, recording engineer (With Portfolio)
Jason Famous - Recording Engineer (Apollo)
Kenny McLeod - Remastering

Adam Piggot - Original Cover Design
Brendan O'Hare - Cover Photography
Neale Smith - Other Photography
Keith Cameron - liner notes (for 2008 deluxe reissue)
Charlie Drummond - Inspiration, Under A Bus