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Nephew - DanmarkDenmark - 2009 Danish Copenhagen label 12-track 2LP Set

€ 55
TitleDanmarkDenmark - 2009 Danish Copenhagen label 12-track 2LP Set
Price € 55
GenreRock & Pop
Record labelCopenhagen Records
Catalogue noCPHREC0140-5
Year of release2009
GradingVG++ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels) 2 x VG++ (Covers)/M- (Disc)/VG++ (Booklet)/VG (Box)
Stock listNephew
Additional infoRare original 2009 Danish Copenhagen label 12-track 2LP - Danish synth-rock combos 4rth studio album - dealing with the local/national identity in a globalised forum and released on the Danish Constitution Day.

The album features their single hits 007 Is Also Gonna Die, Va Fangool!, and Police Bells & Church Sirens - also featuring a 12-track DVD presenting 12 young visual artists interpretation of the 12-tracks on the DanmarkDenmark album.

Vinyls are held in die cut, plain black inners sleeves and individually designe seperate high gloss card picture covers - complete with 20 page 12" square illustrated lyric booklet with with lyrics and pictures. DVD is mounted on the last page of the booklet ? everything held in a flimpsy & high gloss picture box.

Condition: VG++ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Record 1 Vinyl and Labels) 2 x VG++ (Covers)/M- (Disc)/VG++ (Booklet)/VG (Box):

Vinyls are overall nice, bright and shiny - Record 1 has a single very superficial lines on Side 2 - otherwise only a touch of sleeve wear. Record 1 vinyl is graded near mint.

The first side on Record 2 has a couple of small but broader and entirely inaudible lines paired with hints of sleeve inflicted wear - next to nothing. Side 2 vinyl is mint - completely without signs of play or handling.

Labels are all without signs of play or handling - this is not a box played more than a few times, and it has the sound to prove it - loud, clear, dynamic and free from crackling or noise - very nice.

Inner sleeves are very close to mint - as are picture sleeves and booklet - DVD is perfect.

Box has a little superficial creasing, a little light wrinkling from some edges and corners.
Box has the very common spine corner splits inflicted by careless opening of the box.
Seams and edges are otherwise nice - a touch of occasional edge rubbing but overall a very nice box except for the splits. Box is graded straight VG.


Side 1:
1 D.T.A.P. 3:30
2 007 Is Also Gonna Die 4:31
3 Police Bells & Church Sirens 5:11

Side 2:
1 Sov For Satan Mand 3:36
2 Danmark Man Dark 2:43
3 Gong Gong 3:27

Side 3:
1 Det Her Sker Bare Ikk' 4:45
2 Va Fangool! 3:46
3 Descendants Of King Canute 4:10

Side 4:
1 Focus On The Sound 4:49
2 New Year's Morning 4:15
3 Hurra 6:03

VideoVideo - DVD:
1 D.T.A.P. (Ben Stansbury & Papa ? Drilling Fluids Ingeneer and VJ)
2 007 Is Also Gonna Die (René Johansen - Film Director/photography)
3 Police Bells & Church Sirens (Søren Bencke ? Artist)
4 Sov For Satan Mand (Michael Noer, Daniel Alban, Pierre Frandsen - Film Director/Cast/Editor)
5 Danmark Man Dark (Iben West ? Visual Artist)
6 Gong Gong (Hjortefar ? Designer)
7 Det Her Sker Bare Ikk' (Allan Otte ? Visual Artist)
8 Va Fangool! (Anders V. Christensen/Peter W. lassen ? Producer, Editor)
9 Descendants Of King Canute /Ricky John Molloy ? Photographer)
10 Focus On The Sound (Lærke Lauta ? Visual Artist)
11 New Year's Morning (Snarf ? Grafical Artist, Musician)
12 Hurra (Sidse Carstens ? Filmdirector, Artist)


Simon Kvamm - lead vocals, keys, song writer
Kristian Riis - guitar, backing vocals
Søren Arnholt - drums, backing vocals
Kasper Toustrup - bass guitar
René Munk Thalund - keyboard

Additional Musicians:
Carsten Heller - Additional Programming

Technical Credits:
Carsten Heller - production, Mix, recording Engineer (Dansebjerg)
Jakob meinert Folke - Recording Engineer (Puk Studios)

Esben Niklasson - Art Direction, Design
Erik Refner - Photography

Technical Credits - DVD:
Michael Noer, Simon Kwamm - DVD concept
Kirstine Korsgaard - Executive Production
Anders V. Christensen - Technical production, DVD programming