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Sebastian & Rimfaxe Teatret - Nattergalen - 1980 Danish CBS 18-track LP - Incl. Booklet and Poster

€ 27
ArtistSebastian & Rimfaxe Teatret
TitleNattergalen - 1980 Danish CBS 18-track LP - Incl. Booklet and Poster
Price € 27
Record labelCBS
Catalogue noCBS 84681
Year of release1980
GradingVG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Inner Sleeve)/VG++ (Poster)/M- (Booklet)/VG+ (Cover)
Stock listSebastian & Rimfaxe Teatret
Additional infoScarce 1980 Danish CBS label 18-track LP - featuring the music for the H.C. Andersen play 'Nattergalen' interpreted and staged by the Rimfaxe theater ensemble.

Vinyl has the generic company sunburst labels - comes with 24" x 23" fold out poster for the play as well as printed inner sleeve and 4 page booklet - everything housed in a gatefold picture cover.

VG++ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG++ (Inner Sleeve)/VG++ (Poster)/M- (Booklet)/VG+ (Cover):
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has been used directly from the paper inner sleeve and has a single sleeve line and a a little faint sleeve inflicted and hardly noticeable sleeve wear - mint labels. Vinyl is overall graded near mint. This is not an album listened to more than a very few times judging from the shine, the wear and the labels.
Inner sloeeve has a little inevitable vinyl outline - not wear - just marginal imprint. Booklet is mint - poster has a touch of rubbing to edges - graded near mint.
Cover has a simply very nice front - hardly any signs of storage or handling except for a little wrinklingdeom edges and slight smudging/wear along lower front vinyl outline. Back has a top left area where sticker hand glue removal has caused a discontinued colourless area - otherwise nice.
Seams are intact and has very little wear - only to lower seams. Corners has very marginal denting or rubbing - next to nothing - graded at least VG+.


Side 1:
1 Overture 3:18
2 I Kina Ved Du Nok 2:58
3 Det Bedste Af Alt 1:36
4 Som I Eventyr 1:49
5 Højst Mærkværdig Fugl 3:12
6 Klokkeblomster 0:51
7 Nattersgalens Sang 1:31
8 Spadseretur 0:28
9 Onde Trommer 1:06

Side 2:
1 Nattergalen På Sin Gren 3:26
2 Mellemtext 0:28
3 Kunstfuglen 4:24
4 Mellemtext 0:55
5 Sørgemarch 0:53
6 Dødens Dans 4:07
7 Mellemtext 0:54
8 Ingen Løn, Men En Kejsers Tårer 2:36
9 Nattergalens Tema 1:14

Recorded at Pipkassen and Sweet Silence Studios
Mixed at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Oktober 1980

Annelise Gabold, Vibeke Juul Bengtsson (Rimfaxe) - Main spoken parts
Marianne Knorr (Nattergalen), Kirsten Jensen (Kunstfuglen), Preben Friis (Kejseren), Elena Strøbech (Pigen), Leon Mehlsen (Fiskeren) - Spoken parts or sounds
Sebastian - Vocals, all instruments (If not otherwise noted): Grand piano, El piano, Strings, Moog Synthesizer, 6 and 12-String Guitars, Bass, Drums, Congas, Gongs, Tambourine, Flute, Autoharp, Bells
Martin Andersen - Violin (Nattergalens Tema, Nattergalen På Sin Gren)
Michael Friis - Bas (Nattergalan På Sing Gren)

Technical Credits:
Sebastian - Songtexts, Production, Recording Engineer, Arrangements
Freddy Hansson - Recording Engineer

John Ovesen - Cover Design
Lillian Bolvinkel - Photography
Wilhelm Pedersen - Front cover drawing
Niels Halm - Coordinator