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Young Flowers - No. 2 - Original 1969 Danish Sonet label 7-track LP - Incl. Insert

€ 450
ArtistYoung Flowers
TitleNo. 2 - Original 1969 Danish Sonet label 7-track LP - Incl. Insert
Price € 450
Record labelSonet Dansk Grammafon
Catalogue noSLPS 1511
Year of release1969
GradingVG(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Insert)/VG (Cover)
Stock listYoung Flowers
Additional infoVery rare original 1969 Danish Sonet Records vinyl LP - Copenhagen based hard, and bluesy psychedelic power trios 2nd album and swan song - featuring Niels Skousen on several tracks as well as members of Maxwells, Burnin' Red Ivandhoe on the 10 minutes free form jam 'Kragerne Vender'.

Upon its reissue in 2015 the Shadoks label wrote that: "... in 1967 when rock music changed for good with the appearance of psychedelic rock and powerful blues trios like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience, it did not take long for Danish musicians to adopt the trio form and develop their own unique progressive sound. The most influential and long-lasting of these early Danish groups was the power-trio Young Flowers (1967-1970) from Copenhagen...", "This is their second amazing album "No.2" from 1969 - one of the most important albums from Denmark, full of fuzz guitar, great vocals and tight underground songs."

Rigid vinyl pressing is manufactured with the all red company labels with white rimprint - including top trumpet logo - just above capital lettering company name in large font. Labels have black center print.

Vinyl is accompanied by extremely rare 5" x 9" insert displaying 'brain activity centres according to The Young Flowers'.

Vinyl and insert are housed in the very fragile silver foil gatefold sleeve - covers for Young Flowers' second album had from the beginning ringwear and creases. We have never seen a mint copy.

Condition: VG(+) (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Insert)/VG (Cover):

Vinyl is a very nice VG - actually a very nice shine or gloss. Vinyl has sleeve scuffing and light and superficial marks - looks like the record was used directly from the coarse cover interior without a proper inner sleeve.

Side 1 label is almost perfect - just a little label wrinkling or rise. Side 2 label has some degree of label rise along the center ring - resulting in two smaller stretches of label shelling in the area.This has been somewhat repaired. here is no spindle marks on the label indicating play. Center hole is without wear. Vinyl is graded VG and is bordering VG+.

A playgrading would be much better - plays straight - a bit of crackling in the intros or quite passages but drowns immediately in the great dynamics... really nice volume and fidelity - superb instrument differentiation - well defined bass, precise drums - guitar comes through well balanced. A playgrading would be upper VG+ bordering to excellent.

Insert is nice - has a top left area of sticker glue residue - lower left corner of the insert has ripples from bends. Insert is at least VG+.

Fragile gatefold picture sleeve has the usual wear - especially along edges, milder bends and/or spine. Cover displays numerous creases and ringwear. Seams are intact - without seam splits - but the surface of spine has cracked open without splitting.

Inner spread is almost mint.

Spine and lower corners are either very lightly or just lightly rubbed - top opening corners has a litle but manifest dent followed by light rubbing.


Side 1:
1. You upset me baby (B.B. King) 3:46
2. And who but I should be (Walt Whitman/Niels Ringlev, Peter Ingemann) 5:38
3. Calypso (Niels Skousen, Peter Ingemann) 2:46
4. Won't you take my place in the queue (Ken Gudman, Niels Skousen, Peer Frost, Peter Ingemann) 5:16

Side 2:
1. Slow down driver (Ken Gudman, Niels Skousen, Peer Frost, Peter Ingemann) 5:24
2. The daybreak (Walt Whitman/Ken Gudman, Peer Frost, Peter Ingemann) 6:05
3. Kragerne vender 10:31

Recorded January 1969 at Ivar Rosenberg Lydteknik, Vanløse.

Peter Ingemann - Bass, Vocals
Peer frost (Johanneson) - Guitar
Ken Gudman - Drums

Additional Musicians:

The Maxwells:
Lars Bisgaard - Vocal
Lasse Lunderskov - Guitar
Bent Hesselmann - Saxophone

Peter Thorup - Guitar, Vocal
Niels Skousen - Vocal
Sten Claesson (Burnin' Red Ivanhoe)
Don Frederiksson (Andromeda Light Show)
Flemming Quist Møller

Technical Credits:
Young Flowers - Production
Ivar Rosenberg - Recording Engineer
Michael 'Mike' Nielsen - Assistant Engineer

Jens Forlev - Photography (Original Release Inner Spread)
Thomas Winding - Layout (Original Release)
Scudders - The Brain from "The Eclectic Family Physician", 1895