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Pink Floyd - Money b/w Any Colour You Like - Original 1973 Danish Harvest label 2-track 7" Single - Unique Pictur

€ 250
ArtistPink Floyd
TitleMoney b/w Any Colour You Like - Original 1973 Danish Harvest label 2-track 7" Single - Unique Pictur
Price € 250
Genrerock & el
Record labelHarvest
Catalogue no6c 006 05 368
Year of release1973
GradingVG++/VG++ (sleeve)
Stock listPink Floyd
Additional infoVary rare 1973 Danish Harvest label 2-track 7? single - manufactured in connection to British progressive rock quartets legendary ?Dark Side Of The Moon? album - featuring ?Any Colour You Like? on the flipside.

Vinyl has the generic black and silver printed company labels with left side ?Harvest? text and boxed EMI logo - as well as right side Harvest label logo - vinyl has machine stamped matric information:
Side 1: 6C 006-05368-A
Side 2:6C 006-05368-B
Vinyl is held in a unique addback picture sleeve - fabricated from soft and fragile one-paper paper stock with left and right extension flips glued on back picture cover.

Condition: VG+ (Vinyl and Labels)/VG+ (Sleeve):
Vinyl is bright and shiny - has a couple of light and inaudible surface marks paired with a touch of sleeve inflicted wear.
Labels has a couple of simple and short spindletraces - obviously not a single listened to many times - just very few - vinyl is overall graded close to near mint.

Picture sleeve has light inevitable vinyl and label outline - a little smudging along back label outline? also a lighter degree of wrinkling along top and in corner regions from marginal cover bends.
A light brownish area of dried up water absorbtion is featured along lower mid-right back bottom - a very slight age stain is displayed in the very top right back corner? all in all a simply very nice copy of a very delicate 7? sleeve? which normally turns up in far less nice condition.
This one has no tears? almost perfect front artwork? no splits? simply a very nice VG+ sleeve.


Side 1:
1. Money (Roger Waters) 3:59

Side 2:
1. Any Colour You Like (David Gilmour, Dave Mason, Richard Wright) 3:59
?Money? was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Lonndon, UK, June 1972 - 9 January 1973
?Any Colour?? was recorded January 1973, Abbey Road Studios, London, UK


Pink Floyd
David Gilmour - lead vocals (Money), electric guitars, scat singing (Any Colour?)
Roger Waters - bass guitar; tape effects
Richard Wright - Wurlitzer electric piano (with wah-wah pedal) (Money), Hammond organ, EMS VCS 3, EMS Synthi A, Minimoog (Any Colour?)
Nick Mason - drums; tape effects

Session musician
Dick Parry - tenor saxophone (Money)

Technical Credits:
Pink Floyd - production
Alan Parsons ? Recording Engineer
Peter James - assistant Engineers
Chris Thomas - mix supervisor